IBM iSeries 9009-41A

IBM iSeries 9009-41A

The new S914 - The entry offering into the POWER9 family of servers. Industry leading integrated security and reliability as well cloud enabled out of the box with PowerVM technology

The Power S914 server by default has its Power Management mode set to Dynamic Performance. This mode can dynamically optimizes the processor frequency at any given time based on CPU utilization and operating environmental conditions. For a description of this feature and other power management options available for this server, see the IBM EnergyScale for POWER9 Processor-Based Systems website.

The Power S914 server supports one-processor sockets, offering 4-core typical 2.3 to 3.8 GHz (max), or 6-core typical 2.3 to 3.8 GHz (max), or 8-core typical 2.8 to 3.8 GHz (max) POWER9 processor-based configurations in a 19-inch rack-mount, 4U (EIA units) drawer or desk-side configuration. All the cores are active.

The Power S914 server supports a maximum of 16 DDR4 DIMM slots. Memory features supported are 16 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB, and run at speeds of 2133, 2400, and 2666 Mbps, allowing for a maximum system memory of 1024 GB.

 It is important to note that the 4-core option for this machine is limited to a maximum of 64GB of memory and 10 disks for storage.

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