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9009-41G IBM POWER9 S914 Servers Systems & Upgrades

9009-41G IBM POWER9 S914 Systems

9009-41G S914 IBM Power9 Servers for IBM i AIX Vios Linux

IBM 9009-41G S914 Power9 server supports one processor socket with 4-core, 6-core or 8-core configurations for IBM i, AIX, Linux server operating systems and are upgradable to IBM Power10 systems.


The 9009-41G is powered entirely by a Gen4 PCIe architecture (slots, switches and lanes), supporting up to 14 NVMe devices, designed for mission critical applications and I/O intensive workloads.

The Power9 S914 9009-41A includes the Dynamic Performance feature, which dynamically optimizes the processor frequency based on CPU utilization and operating environment conditions.


The 9009-41G S914 server prices vary based on processor feature, number of processors activated, Memory, Disk Drives, SSD, and other features configured. *All IBM 9009-41G Power9 systems include 3 year 9x5 on-site warranty and free technical support.

IBM Power9 9009-41G Models by CPU:

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IBM 9009-41G EP52 8-Core S914 Power9 Processor

1TB | 122500 CPW P10 | SMT8 183.2 SMT4 145.4 SMT 105.4 ST 62

IBM 9009-41G EP51 6-Core S914 Power9 Processor

1TB | 78500 CPW P10 | SMT8 118.6 SMT4 94.1 SMT 68.2 ST 40.1

IBM 9009-41G EP50 4-Core S914 Power9 Server

64GB | 52500 CPW P05 | SMT8 80.9 4 SMT 46.6 ST 27.4