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9009-42G IBM Power9 S924 IBM i AIX System Upgrades and Pricing for EP1E EP1F EP1G

9009-42G S924: IBM POWER9 Systems and Upgrades

9009-42G IBM Power9 S924 Model Specifications Comparisons Pricing

The new IBM Power9 9009-42G S924 Power9 scale-out models are designed for mission critical, intensive I/O workloads, powered entirely by fourth generation PCIe architecture (slots, switches and lanes), support up to 14 NVMe devices with up to 6.4 TB each and 89.6 TB of NVMe data storage space for IBM i, AIX, Linux server operating systems or IBM VIOS configurations. IBM Power9 9009-42G S924 models can have one or two sockets, are all in a P20 software tier, and provide unrivaled memory scaling and core to memory ratio needed for data-centric and in-memory workloads. IBM Power9 9009-42G S924 servers have 32 DDR4 Memory DIMM slots for a maximum of 4TB of Power9 memory and 12 or 18 SFF SAS Bay options for internal Power9 Disk Drives or SDD. IBM 9009-42G servers have 512 K L2 Cache, 120 MB L3 Cache and provide up to 340 GB/s processor to memory bandwidth on a two socket S924 system. See the 9009-42G product pages for details, configuration options and pricing requests, and 9009-41G Performance compared to 9009-41A blog post for FAQ. Want to upgrade to IBM Power10?

IBM Power9 S924 Processor Specifications by CPW:

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9009-42G EP5H 22-Core IBM S924 Power9

350000 CPW | P20 | 4 TB Memory

9009-42G EP5H 11-Core IBM S924 Power9

195200 CPW | P20 | 4 TB Memory

9009-42G EP5G 24-Core IBM S924 Power9

15446-370700 CPW | P20 | 4 TB Memory

9009-42G EP5G 12-Core IBM S924 Power9

15446-370700 CPW | P20 | 4 TB Memory

9009-42G EP5F 20-Core IBM S924 Power9

17450-174500 CPW | P20 | 4 TB Memory

9009-42G EP5F 10-Core IBM S924 Power9

17450-174500 CPW | P20 | 4 TB Memory

9009-42G EP5E 16-Core IBM S924 Power9

18188-268500 CPW | P20 | 4 TB Memory

9009-42G EP5E 8-Core IBM S924 Power9

18,188-268,500 CPW | P20 | 4 TB Memory