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IBM Power 10 Memory

IBM Power 10 Memory

IBM Power10 servers use next-generation, high-performance, high-reliability, high-function memory DIMMS that contain a buffer chip, intelligence, and 2666 MHz or 3200 MHz DRAM memory.

IBM Power10 Memory DDIMMs are placed in DDIMM slots in the server system, are manufactured in two different form factors for installation in a Power10 server CEC based on its 2U or 4U height.

The 2U high Power10 memory cards can be extended through spacers for use in 4U high servers, but the 4U high cards naturally do not fit in 2U servers.

A minimum 32 GB of Power10 memory is required with single processor modules, and all Power10 memory DIMMs must be installed in pairs. Each IBM Power10 Memory DIMM feature code includes two physical Memory DIMMs.

Power10 Memory supported in the following 2U server models IBM S1014 9105-41B, S1022 9105-22A, S1022s 9105-22B and S1024 9105-42A and L1024 9786-42H

IBM 329A 78P7343 EM6N 32GB DDR4 Memory (2x16GB)
IBM 327A 78P7344 EM6W 64GB DDR4 Memory (2x32GB)
IBM 327B 78P7345 EM6X 128GB DDR4 Memory (2x64GB)
IBM 327C 78P7346 EM6Y 256GB DDR4 Memory (2x128GB)
IBM EM7N 32GB DDR4 Memory (2x16GB)
IBM EM7W 64GB DDR4 Memory (2x32GB)

IBM EM7X 128GB DDR4 Memory (2x64GB)
IBM EMRX 128GB DDR4 Memory (2x64GB)

IBM EM6U 256GB DDR4 Memory (2x128GB)
IBM EM6V 256GB DDR4 Memory (2x128GB)
IBM EMRV 256GB DDR4 Memory (2x128GB)
IBM EM78 512GB DDR4 Memory (2x256GB)
IBM EM7F 512GB DDR4 Memory (2x256GB)
IBM EMRF 512GB DDR4 Memory (2x256GB)

Power10 Memory supported in the following 4U server models IBM E1080 9080-HEX and E1050 9043-MRX:
IBM 32AB 01GY901 EMC1 128GB DDR4 Memory (4x32GB)
IBM 32AC 01GY909 EMC2 256GB DDR4 Memory (4x64GB)
IBM 32AD 01GY917 EMC3 512GB DDR4 Memory (4x128GB)
IBM 32AE 01GY925 EMC4 1024GB DDR4 Memory (4x256GB)
IBM 32AB 01GY901 EM75 64GB DDR4 Memory (2x32GB)
IBM 32AC 01GY909 EM76 128GB DDR4 Memory (2x64GB)
IBM 32AD 01GY917 EM77 256GB DDR4 Memory (2x128GB)

IBM 32AE 01GY925 EM78 512GB DDR4 Memory (2x256GB)