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10 Facts you need to know about the POWER9 S924 CPUs:


Nigel Griffiths presents 10 useful facts about performance, history and architecture of IBM's Power9  S924 System CPUs. Nigel works for IBM Advanced Technology Support, Europe. His job is to promote IBM Power Systems, PowerVM and AIX Technology. He not an IBM spokesperson. All opinions are his own. IBM Power9 S924 FAQs 1 or 2 sockets for 1 or 2 POWER9 ChipsEach POWER9 Chip has 8, 10 or 12 CPU cores2 socket servers have 16, 20 or 24 CPU coresEach CPU core runs 8 programs at a time (SMT=8)The server runs 192 programs at the same timeEach POWER9 chip has 8 billion transistorsLithography 14nm –...

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The Real Cost of NOT Upgrading to POWER9

Upgrade to save

POWER System upgrades are often among the most prolonged and undervalued IT decisions. Why rush to invest in a POWER9 upgrade when your POWER7 or POWER8 server performance is perfectly fine? Truth is: over a 5-year span you may waste a good amount of cash maintaining those legacy systems instead of capitalizing on the true cost savings and many additional benefits a POWER9 server offers. Not a believer? Well here are the facts.Why Regular Hardware Updates Actually Save You MoneyLegacy IT modernization isn’t a persistent budget drain. On the contrary, regular updates save you a hefty sum in the long run....

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The Big Difference Between Power9's Industry Standard Memory vs Buffered Memory


POWER9 Memory changes and what it means. Our last article was about the primary changes made to the POWER Systems, scale out line up with the rel...

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POWER9: Main changes and updates Vs POWER8 (2019)

A newer Article is now available to read: IBM POWER8 vs. POWER9 - A Comparative Analysis for 2020 POWER9 is here, and with it comes loads of new hardw...

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IBM i Power9 System Pricing by Model Specification

IBM i customers upgrading to a new IBM Power9 scale-out system from an older Power system have three models to compare specifications; the 9009-41A S914, 9009-42A S924 or 9009-22A S922. Before jumping to any conclusions about which Power9 system is right for you, consider the specifications and resources of your current IBM i and performance during peak times. The new Power9 systems are so powerful, many companies are finding they can drop a software tier without any question. Dropping an IBM P-Group in itself is a significant cost savings, and the total cost of ownership price tag adds up after factoring...

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Power8 vs Power9 Performance Facts for IBM Model S924

ibm-power9-s924-9009-42a IBM Power9 S924 9009-42A Specifications

This specification breakdown of the IBM Power9 9009-42A model S924 will explain the key performance features that sets it apart from its Power8 predecessor.  In comparison to the 8286-42A model S824, the IBM Power9 S924 delivers 40-50% better performance for data intensive database and analytics workloads, with over twice the memory footprint (accelerated by Coherent Accelerator Processor Interface CAPI) running at speeds up to 344 GB/s (172 GB/s per socket), has over 60-70% more CPW for IBM i workloads and 2X the I/O bandwidth (Gen4 PCIe slots). IBM Power9 with CAPI 2.0 increased I/O bandwidth over 4X Power8 ability, clocked at 192...

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How to Accelerate the Use of AI in Organizations with Power9 Systems

Written by: Bob PiccianoOpen any business publication or digital journal today, and you will read about the promise of AI, known as artificial or augmented intelligence, and how it will transform your business. The fact is, AI will not only transform your entire business, whether you are in health care, finance, retail or manufacturing, but it will also transform technology itself. The essential task of information technology (IT), and how we measure its value, has reached an inflection point. It’s no longer just about process automation and codifying business logic. Instead, insight is the new currency, and the speed with which...

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