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8202-E4C Disk Drives: iSeries Power7 HDD SSD Solid State Drives

8202-E4C Disk Drives: iSeries Power7 SSD HDD
8202-E4C disk drives and SSD solid state drives are supported on Power7 models. The 8202-E4C EPC5 4-core, EPC6 6-core and EPC7 8-core Power7 Systems have eight slots for HDD or SSD SAS SFF, providing up to 4.8 TB of internal storage, allow twelve 5802 I/O disk drawers or 5887 EXP24S disk drawers to be attached for an additional 380 disk drives. The 8202-E4C model 720 system unit has SAS bays that only support SAS SFF or SFF solid-state disk drives internally. The Power7 model 720 has an integrated SAS or SATA controller for HDD, SSD, tape, or DVD with RAID 10 support, RAID 5 and Raid 6 is optionally available. The below Power7 HDD and SSD products are supported on the following systems: 8202-E4B8202-E4C8202-E4D8205-E6B8205-E6C8205-E6D8231-E1C8231-E1D8231-E2B8231-E2C8231-E2D