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IBM Power9 Systems 9009-41A (S914), 9009-42A (S924), 9009-22A (S922)

IBM Power9 Systems
Power9 Servers can be purchased as a fully configured system with Memory, Disk Drives, SSD and other features in new or used/refurbished condition, as a Power9 upgrade or parts can be sold separately. New systems and upgrades are configured per your specifications, including choice of IBM i,  AIX or Linux server OS version, software licenses pre-installed and pre-configued partitions. Our IBM Power systems staff is trained and certified to assist with sizing, LPAR configurations, total cost of ownership (TCO) comparisons and answering technical questions. All IBM Power9 system prices (new and refurbished) include warranty and free technical support. Onsite services available for system upgrades, data migrations and other professional services required.

Power9 Systems Scale-Out Models
9009-41G S914 single socket | 13125-122500 CPW | P05-P10 | $12,500-$28,300
9009-41A S914
 single socket | 13125-122500 CPW | P05-P10 | $12,500-$28,300
9009-42G S924 two socket | 18188-370700 CPW | P20 | $20,000-$28,300
9009-42A S924 two socket | 18188-370700 CPW | P20 | $20,000-$28,300
9009-22A S922 two socket | 15000-300000 CPW | P10 | $20,600-$52,000
Upgrading from another IBM Power System? Get an upgrade planning checklist here. 
Power9 Systems Specifications and Comparison Sheets:

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