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8202-E4C iSeries Power7 IBM i Systems Processor Upgrades

8202-E4C | iSeries Power7 | IBM i System Models
IBM 8202-E4C Power7 720 iSeries models have 64-bit processors that offer 4-core, 6-core and 8-core configuration options; can have up to 4.8 TB of internal disk drive space, 8 main storage slots for a maximum memory capacity of 256 GB, an optional EM01 memory riser expansion or 4793 Active Memory Expansion; and up to two optional PCIe I/O drawers or up to four optional PCI-X I/O drawers, adding up to 20 PCIe slots or 24 PCI-X slots. The 8202-E4C Power7 Model 720 Systems include:
8202-E4C 4-core EPC5 3.0 GHz Processor, 23800 CPW Max, P05 Group
8202-E4C 6-core EPC6 3.0 GHz Processor, 34900 CPW Max, P10 Group
8202-E4C 8-core EPC7 3.0 GHz Processor, 46300 CPW Max, P10 Group 

CPW by Active Core: 1 = 5,300 | 2 = 13,800 | 3 = 20,300 | 4 = 23,800 | 5 = 33,300 | 6 = 34,900 | 8 = 46,300

The 8204-E4C Power7 720 Express server is designed to bring the performance and reliability capabilities of Power7 to your small and distributed business needs. View related 8204-E4C Memory and Disk Drive page, and our IBM iSeries system page for other Power7 models, Power9, Power8Power6 & Power5 System Models or AS400 System page for older IBM 9406 models.

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