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IBM z SIEM and SYSLOG Forwarding Considerations

The IBM z mainframe system remains the workhorse for most of the largest and most successful companies in the world, maintaining both mission critical legacy software applications and new workloads. In the scope of sensitive data and security, the IBM z/OS protects the company’s jewels for good reason, but has a plethora of system and security event log sources that must be monitored and forwarded to a SIEM like IBM QRadar, AlienVault, Exabeam, Managed SIEM or a SYSLOG Server like the Splunk. Since IBM mainframe event logs do not conform to SIEM and SYSLOG industry standards, many IBM z shops are running batch...

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IBM z: More than a legacy workhorse

IBM mainframe systems are still running the bulk of critical workloads at over 70% of the world’s largest and most successful companies. The first IBM mainframe and 911 Porcshe were both sold in same year, 1964. Most people do not realize how advanced and powerful the IBM z platform is, and always has been. The fact is, virtualization was being developed on the IBM mainframe in the 1960s and added this amazing new technology to the platform in 1972, decades before any other platform. To this day, companies are adding more and more workloads to their IBM z every day, because...

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