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IBM S1022 9105-22A Power10 System Upgrades and Pricing for EPGM EPGC EPGD

IBM S1022 9105-22A Power10 Systems and Upgrades

IBM Power10 9105-22A S1022 Model and Pricing EPG9 EPG8 EPGA

The IBM S1022 Model 9105-22A is a flexible, high performance, scale-out, two-socket Power10 server that can be configured with up to 40 cores, 4 TB of DDR4 DDIMM memory in 32 slots, 51.2 TB of NVMe flash storage in 8 bays, has 2 MB of L2 cache and 8 MB of L3 Cache and includes a 3 year on-site warranty. The IBM S1022 9105-22A is in a P10 software tier for IBM i environments, of which partitions must be virtualized via VIOS, can be no larger than 4 cores in size, however multiple IBM i LPARs are supported per system. IBM S1022 Model 9105-22A also supports Linux server and IBM AIX environments where 24x7 application availability is critical, and security is of the utmost importance. The IBM S1022 9105-22A system is not only among the fastest enterprise servers in its class, it is extremely scalable, and utilizes transparent memory encryption within the processor for Zero Trust security and end-to-end encryption, and supports quantum cryptography and fully homomorphic encryption for FIPS 140-2 level 4 security requirements.:

IBM S1022 Model Processor Specifications by CPW and rPerf SMT8
9105-22A EPG9 12-core 2.9-4.0 Ghz Processor: 106,300 | 358.5
9105-22A EPG8 16-core 2.75-4.0 Ghz Processor: 106,300
9105-22A EPGA 20-Core 2.45-3.9 Ghz Processor: 106,300
9105-22A EPG9 24-Core 2.9-4.0 Ghz Processor: 106,300 | 699.2
9105-22A EPG8 32-core 2.75-4.0 Ghz Processor: 106,300 | 924.1
9105-22A EPGA 40-Core 2.75-3.9 GHz Processor: 104,700 | 1024.1

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Other IBM Power10 Models by maximums:
IBM S1014 9105-41B: 1 socket, 8 Cores, 1 TB Memory, 102.4 TB NVMe flash storage (16 bays), 4U
IBM S1022 9105-22A: 2 socket, 40 Cores, 4 TB Memory, 51.2 TB NVMe flash storage (8 bays), 2U
IBM S1022s 9105-22B: 2 socket, 40 Cores, 2 TB Memory, 51.2 TB NVMe flash storage (8 bays), 2U
IBM S1024 9105-42A: 2 socket, 48 Cores, 8 TB Memory, 102.4 TB of NVMe flash storage (16 bays), 4U
IBM E1050 9043-MRX: 4 socket, 96 Cores, 16 TB Memory, 64 TB of NVMe flash storage (10 bays), 4U
IBM E1080 9080-HEX: 16 socket, 240 Cores, 34 TB Memory, 102.4 TB NVMe flash storage (16 bays), 6U
IBM Power10 Virtual Server: flexible, custom, secure virtual server on premises or in cloud.