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IBM Power9 Systems IBM 9009-42A EP1E 8-16 Core Processor 18,188-268,500 CPW | P20 | 4 TB Memory.. Product #: 9009-42A

9009-42A EP1E 8-16 Core IBM Power9 Processor IBM i AIX Linux VIOS

Brand: IBM Power9 Systems
Model Number: 9009-42A

IBM i 9009-42A EP1E 8-Core Power9 Processor System with 18,188-145,500 CPW

The IBM S924 9009-42A with EP1E 8-core processor is available in a 1 or 2 socket configurations that can be configured with 8 or 16 cores, have up to 4TB of memory and in a P20 software tier. 

The 9009-42A single socket 8-core configuration has a maximum of 145,000 CPW for IBM i with all 8 cores active, and the dual processor 16-core configuration has a maximum of 268,000 CPW.

The S924 IBM Power9 chip core speeds have different speed ranges; the 8-core is 3.8 to 4.0 GHz, 10 core is 3.5 to 3.9 GHz and the 12 core is 3.4 to 3.9 GHz.

The single socket S924 processors have two Gen4 and 6 Gen3 slots, and the two socket version has five Gen4 and six Gen3 slots, however some slots are dedicated for mandatory an Ethernet adapter and likely other attachment requirements. 

The amount of internal and external SSD and disk drive space supported by the 9009-42A is determined by various configuration factors, but 28 EXP24SX I/O expansion drawers and EMX0 PCIe3 expansion drawers can be attached (28 is the maximum combined quantity).

IBM 9009-42A EP1E CPW by Number of Processors Activated

  • 9009-42A EP1E 8-Core =145,500
  • 7X=127,313
  • 6X=109,125
  • 5X=90938
  • 4X=72,750
  • 3X=54,563
  • 2X=36,375
  • 1=18,188

Power9 S924 Pricing:

9009-42A Models CPW by Processors Activated

  • 9009-42A EP1E 8-Core: 18,188-145,500 CPW | List Price $20,000

  • 9009-42A EP1F 10-Core: 17,450-174,500 CPW | List Price $24,200

  • 9009-42A EP1G 12-Core: 15,446-370,700 CPW | List Price $28,300

  • 9009-42A EP1E 16-Core: 18,188-268,500 CPW | List Price $20,000

  • 9009-42A EP1F 20-Core: 17,450-318,000 CPW | List Price $24,200

  • 9009-42A EP1G 24-Core: 15,446 -370,700 CPW | List Price $28,300

See IBM S914 9009-41A processor models for systems in P05 and P10 software group. Detailed IBM i Power9 model specifications and comparisons can be viewed here.

IBM 9009-42A and other Power9 systems support PCIe Gen 4 and earlier PCIe generation feature cards.

If I/O performance, response times and throughput are contributing factors for upgrading your IBM i, you should purchase new RAID Controllers and other SAS adapters, as the newer generation PCIe adapters provide significant performance gains.

The 9009-42A Power9 systems support 220V power.

IBM S924 Power9 models have three backplane options, a 12 SFF-3 Bays, a 18 SFF-3 bays with write cache or a 12 SFF-3 bays with dual IOA and write cache.

IBM i workloads require 4k byte block hard disk drives or SSD. If you need to boot more than one Virtual IO server from internal disks, your Power9 system needs to the split backplane feature and a minimum of four disks (two per Virtual IO Server).

The Power System S924 model 9009-42A pricing depends on the configuration of the server.

Each 9009-42A system comes custom configured to the exact specifications that the customer requests, including number of active cores and processers, memory, storage, operating system level and licsenses, and number of concurrent users. 

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