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IBM 8286-41A S814 Power8 AIX Servers EPX6 EPX0 EPXK Processor Upgrades

IBM 8286-41A S814 Power8 AIX Servers
IBM 8286-41A S814 Power8  AIX Servers can consolidate UNIX, Linux and iSeries workloads, and include 4-Core, 6-Core and 8-Core configurations for a maximum of 143.9 rPerf rating and 160 partitions. IBM Power8 S814 8286-41A AIX Models include:
The 8286-41A S814 models support up to 1024 GB of internal Memory, 32.4 TB of Disk space or 1,209 TB with EXP24S 5887 expansion drawers. Detailed 8286-41A AIX system specifications with maximum capacities and prices are provided from the S814 processor product page, or view iSeries 8286-41A models. Other IBM i Power8 models include: 8286-41A S8148286-42A S8248284-22A S8228284-21A S812. All IBM iSeries systems and parts are IBM Certified and eligible for IBM i Maintenance contracts and include warranty.

8286-41A S814 Data Sheet   |  8286-41A S814 Technical Overview


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