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IBM iSeries, Power Systems, AS400 Upgrades, Setup, Installation & Support Since 1981, Midland has helped over 30,000 businesses with IBM iSeries, Power systems, and AS400 hardware and software upgrades, installation and setup, including used IBM 9406 systems. All iSeries system upgrades are handled by our IBM i Certified Technicians. We use only IBM-certified parts and systems, which come with a full warranty.

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Update: POWER7 vs POWER8. What to know.

Upgrading POWER7 To POWER8. What to know.

Reliability, Availability, and Serviceability (RAS)

Since its release in June of 2014 IBM has continued to expand the POWER8 line. With 4-core models and higher end enterprise versions out for a while now it is a good time to update our original article on POWER7 vs POWER8, the differences between them and what it means to for businesses and end-users.

In the time between our first article and today, the range of CPW the POWER8 machines are capable of has expanded significantly (from 359,000-911,000) to 10,300 on the 4-core S814 systems, to over 2,000,000 CPW on the enterprise class E880.  What is CPW? CPW is IBM’s benchmarking score for how efficiently an IBM i system can handle heavy database intensive loads. This number can be used to determine the relative ability of individual IBM systems to efficiently handle a given workload.

However, CPW is not the only factor that POWER8 improves upon over POWER7 systems. A major consideration for many, and likely a make or break factor for some, is the cost of maintenance and support for your system. With the myriad of innovations IBM has implemented into the POWER8 systems, the power available at all support tiers has increased significantly. Which means businesses can now get more power than ever before, with lower maintenance

In addition to CPW and maintenance costs, here are a few other things to take into consideration for upgrading ANY system for your business:

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Flash Systems

What You Need To Know About The New FlashSystem 900 & FlashSystem V9000

What You Need To Know About The New FlashSystem 900 & FlashSystem V9000 Everyday, businesses are faced with tidal waves of data from a multitude of sources including social media, sensors, mobile platforms, websites and more. The more data thrown at a business, the more reliable their storage enterprise needs to be. While the increasing volume of data may seem overwhelming, the value of this information to a businesses success is stronger than ever. It’s a well know fact that companies who gain insight from data dramatically outperform those who don’t and the key to managing this crucial information relies heavily on the speed and capacity of the business’s storage system. Earlier this year, IBM announced the addition of two al...

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The cloud is an efficient and fast way to improve your IBM i high availability (HA), backup and disaster recovery (DR) capabilities. In preparing an IBM i system or environment for backup and disaster recovery in the cloud, there are several key considerations to include in your strategy and project plan. For the purposes of this brief, this applies to all versions of the IBM i family including Power Systems, iSeries, System i and AS/400.Link: Check out the services available from Midland! Key considerations for your plan:1. What are your RTO & RPO requirements?First, establish your Recovery Time Objective (RTO) & Recovery Point Objective (RPO) goals. This drives the level of service and system architecture that you will design. A...

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Throughout the 1990s the AS/400 was the pre-eminent workhorse of America's IT infrastructure. The line was refreshed in 2000 and renamed the eServer iSeries and was again renamed the System i in 2008. This generation of midrange servers was phased out in 2008, to be replaced by the IBM Power Systems range in 2008.

The AS/400 and its immediate descendants were designed to last and built solidly, so a good number of them are still in excellent working order and playing their part in fulfilling the needs of America's small- and medium-sized enterprises. But times change, and an AS/400 from the early 90s may no longer be up to the job of coping with the sheer quantity of information storage and processing required in 2012. If a business is considering upgrading, there are a number of options they can consider.

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(Hackensack, New Jersey and Herzliyah, Israel- October 2, 2014) Enforcive, a leading provider of cross platform security software, announced the release of Enforcive Cross-Platform Compliance (CPC) solution covering Windows, Linux, MS SQL, Oracle, AIX and IBM i.

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