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2023 QRadar pricing includes volume based discounts and determined by the event logs per second and network flow logs per minute that will be sent to QRadar.

QRadar pricing volume discounts apply to both on premise products such as appliances, software, VMware, as well as QRadar in the Cloud, Security as a Service and hosted managed SIEM service offerings. IBM QRadar pricing is very competitive to other SIEM tools, especially after factoring in the ROI and TCO benefits. QRadar SIEM Security Intelligence platform Security Intelligence platform enables companies of any size to implement a SOC right out of the box, without having to purchase additional features and services to utilize cybersecurity, internal threats and vulnerability discovery features. It is very common for QRadar customers to replace 6 or more security products, given all the additional advanced capabilities they get from a single product.

Price Comparison Considerations Against Other SIEM

When comparing QRadar pricing to other SIEM tools, take into consideration both the TCO and ROI factors.

Forrester Research estimates the cost of QRadar for initial licenses, on-going maintenance and support for a small company over three years is about $155,000, and a mid-sized company would be about $645,000 for 3 years.

Mid-sized company infrastructures can vary more so than smaller companies, and even more so for larger companies. However Forrester offered one of IBM’s largest SIEM customers as an example for comparison, which has over $20B in revenue and 32,000 employees that cost $5.048M for QRadar over 3 years. Forrester Research is responsible for these cost estimates and taken from their “The Total Economic Impact Of IBM QRadar Security Intelligence Platform” study, which do not take into account TCO or ROI benefits.

  • Efficiency of detecting threats and vulnerabilities
  • Effectiveness of detecting actual threats and vulnerabilities
  • Incident response times
  • Less forensic investigations
  • Integration of third-party applications and log sources
  • Learning curve and training
  • Speed of implementation
  • Compliance and administrative costs
  • Human resources needed
  • Support of legacy systems and general infrastructure

Infrastructure Details Needed for A Quote Discussion

To discuss QRadar pricing or to receive a quote, the quantities or estimates of the below infrastructure details that you wish to send to a QRadar SIEM is needed from each site (primary data center and remote sites separately). QRadar SIEM has maximums for the number event logs per second or network flows per minute that can be sent. QRadar is only limited by the log sources your company decides to send to the SIEM. To learn more about how different event log and network flow sources (NetFlow, J-Flow, sFlow, vFlow, and QFlow) contribute to identifying cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities, please schedule a demonstration or watch the below short video demo.

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  • AD, ESX, DNS, DHCP and Authentication Servers
  • Windows IIS and Exchange Servers
  • Windows Servers (general purpose)
  • Unix and Linux Servers (general purpose)
  • Antivirus and Antimalware Servers
  • Database Servers
  • Proxy/Web Application Firewall Servers
  • Core, Large Firewalls (exposed to the public internet)
  • Small, Edge, Internal Firewalls (intranet)
  • IDS, VPN, IPS, WAF, DAM, DLP, LB systems
  • VPN Instances
  • Routers, Switches and Wireless devices
  • IBM i iSeries AS400 LPARs (can include: QAUDJRN, QHST, QSYSOPR, DB2 FIM, Performance, Network Traffic from Exit Programs)
  • IBM Mainframe z Series (can include: RACF, CICS and DB2)
  • Other Servers (provide Manufacture Type)
  • Critical 3rd Party Applications
  • Total Number of Workstations
  • Total Number of Servers
  • Number of Months for Log Retention on-line
  • Bandwidth
  • SEIM Product Preference: Appliance, Virtual, Cloud, SaasS or hosted/fully managed

What is IBM QRadar SIEM?

QRadar SIEM SecurityInformation Event Management platform from IBM is an integrated solution for vulnerability and risk management, cybersecurity and user threat hunting, security incident response and forensics analysis which utilizes security AI and machine learning technology to automate manual tasks. QRadar SIEM is available as an All-In-One on premise Security Information Event Management (SIEM) appliance, software running on VM, as an in the cloud offering and MSSP.

How is QRadar Different from other SIEMs?

QRadar SIEM helps security teams quickly and accurately detect and prioritize