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AS400 Software IBM i SFTP FTPS Secure FTP Manager IBM i SFTP FTPS Secure FTP Manager for iSeires provides secure FTP Client and Server functions, encr.. Product #: ibm-i-sftp-ftps-mft

IBM i SFTP FTPS iSeries AS400 Secure FTP Software

Brand: AS400 Software
Model Number: ibm-i-sftp-ftps-mft

IBM i SFTP FTPS Secure FTP manager can be used on iSeries AS400 system to send or receive files from any library or IFS directory, can encrypt any OS400 file type with Commercial PGP encryption, can connect to any other platform type with ease, can automate entire FTP process and integrate with existing applications and proceses. IBM i SFTP, FTPS and MFT software saves companies a lot of time setting up and managing secure file transfers. The native IBM i SFTP and FTPS MFT software that can send and receive any file type, to and from any other platform, and convert the files into the proper IBM i format, as well as put them in the desired iSeries library or IFS directory you designate. If needed, complex and customizable translations and conversions can be performed as part of the automated secure FTP process, such as XML, CSV, Microsoft documents, TXT and database files.

The IBM i secure FTP and automation use cases and examples are vast for this feature packed solution. Contact us for price, trials or schedule a demo of the IBM i SFTP FTPS MFT managed file transfer software package.

About IBM i SFTP Secure FTP and FTPS SSH File Transfer Protocols
Secure FTP also known as SFTP, Secure Shell (SSH) transfer and SSH File Transfer Protocol runs over an SSH session, encrypts password and commands in one connection, and usually uses TCP port 22. SSH allows establishing a secure channel between the local and the remote computer, also used with port forwarding and SCP. Data transferred using SFTP is encrypted using an established encryption cipher on client and server. SFTP connections can be protected even more using public or private keys (public key authentication), which can be used instead of or in conjunction with username and password authentication. IBM i Secure FTP SFTP FTPS Manager implements the IBM OpenSSH application with some additional features for automation, compliance logging, and password controls.

FTPS also known as Secure FTP, FTP over SSL implements the full specification for secure SSL FTP providing an encrypted and firewall-friendly CCC implementation of encrypted FTP defined by RFC2228 for both password and commands separately. FTPS typically uses TCP port 21 or 990.

Most security and compliance regulations require companies to use encrypted FTP communications, even when contents are encrypted, such as a file. The IBM i Secure SFTP FTPS Manager provides the automation and command support needed to meet both requirements. The Secure FTP Manager integrates with IBM i Digital Certificate Manager for certificate management and SSL communications, which enables full support for IBM secure audit journaling and native IBM i security controls. The IBM I Digital Certificate Manager is included with the IBM i OS400 operating system. If your IBM i has a SSL accelerator feature card (Cryptographic Coprocessor), the IBM i Secure FTPS Manager will utilize the IBM SSL accelerator hardware card to speed up SSL encryption. The IBM i Cryptographic Coprocessor feature codes are different on each IBM i model (Power5 4758, 4806; Power6 and Power7 4764, 4765, 4807 or 4808; Power8 and Power9 4767 EJ32 or EJ33).

IBM i Secure FTP SFTP FTPS Manager automation features can transfer any file by copying it to a library or IFS folder you define, including files in Windows Network folders, UNIX NFS mounted directories and remote IBM I direcotories. Receiving files from remote FTP servers via SFTP or FTPS can also be automated using Auto-Scan feature that periodically connects to an external FTP server, list the available files, and GET the desired files into your IBM i libraries or IFS folders, and integrate with your existing business applications.

File conversion capabilities provided by product:
  • ASCII/EBCDIC and EBCDIC/ASCII translation
  • XML/DB2 and DB2/XML translation
  • EDI ANSI X12 AS2 translation
  • ISO 8583/DB2 and DB2/ ISO 8583 translation
  • IBM OS400 translation
  • Custom data conversion and translation
  • IBM OS400 translation tables with template in product
Note: Data conversions types and formats supported by the product include: DB2, csv, txt, html, pdf, spoolfile, ASC (Fixed length ASCII) files, tab delimited, Relational Database file, IBM Queries, email (Final Form Text), internally Described Files (CVFormat), AS2 and almost any data type supported by the IBM, except Variable Length Character Data (VLCD) and Double Byte Character Set (DBCS).
Encryption for Data at Rest
PGP Command Line 9 encryption enables cross-platform, standards-based encryption that supports any other PGP solution. IBM i PGP file encryption is an optional added feature for the IBM i Secure FTP SFTP FTPS Manager suite, that can encrypt any file type including Db2 database files (externally described files), flat files (internally described files), IFS files, Save Files, and spooled file reports. PGP encrypted files can be received from any other system including Windows, Linux, UNIX, IBM AIX, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, and IBM z (390 Mainframe).
Pretty Good Privacy PGP encryption is the standard for secure file encryption and decryption at banks, insurance companies, benefits providers, medical insurers, hospitals, financial institutions and like industry service providers. IBM i Secure FTP SFTP FTPS Manager implements industry standard PGP using RFC2440. PGP file encryption and decryption can be automated, or you can use the PGP commands for encryption, decryption, key management, and file signing. The commands and APIs available can extend encryption into any third party application. These PGP encryption automation functions enable processing decrypted files directly into your applications automatically for a 24X7 encryption solution. PGP key management is fully implemented on the IBM i platform and does not require external key servers or key stores. You can maintain multiple key stores for maximum flexibility, and there is no limit to the number of keys you create or import.
Exchange files with a company outside of your network can be challenging, which is why the IBM i Secure FTP SFTP FTPS Manager implements multiple features to help you solve firewall negotiation issues, including Clear Command Channel (CCC) command. After a password has been authenticated by the remote FTP server, the connection can be decrypted to allow the firewall to handle the FTP transfer. This strategy is used by banks and to ensure optimum security. When a remote FTP server does not support the CCC command, IBM i Secure FTP SFTP FTPS Manager provides extended functions to allow the FTP session to continue. These functions are called “Intelligent Firewall Negotiation” and are included in the automated functions.
The IBM i Secure FTP SFTP FTPS Manager can serve as a central file transfer hub for applications running on Microsoft Windows, Linux, and UNIX servers. Utilizing Windows Networking and UNIX NFS, the IBM i Secure FTP SFTP FTPS Manager can pull files from your Windows, Linux, and UNIX servers and send them to vendors and customers. When files are received from remote systems, it can decrypt and save them to Windows, Linux, and UNIX systems. This hub-and-spoke configuration provides a centralized FTP transfer solution.
Detailed audit trails of all file transfer activity is logged in the IBM i security audit journal QAUDJRN for compliance reporting, and supports HA, DR and Mirroring solution configurations. IBM i Secure FTP SFTP FTPS Manager implements encryption and file transfer in alignment with open standards. The PGP encryption option is compatible with the OpenPGP standard RFC2440. Secure SSL FTPS is compatible with RFC2228. Secure Shell SSH sFTP is based on OpenSSH Internet standard.
Report Distribution
  • Automatically distribute reports electronically via FTP, email, or shared IFS directory
  • Monitors any output queue for new reports
  • Convert to Text, PDF, HTML, RTF formats
  • Automatic FTP transfer to any remote FTP server
  • Emails reports to single recipient or distribution list
  • Copies reports to IFS directory or Windows folder

Commands and APIs

  • Complete set of FTP commands for use in CL programs
  • Complete set of SSL FTP and SSH sFTP commands for secure transfer
  • Complete set of PGP commands for encryption, decryption, signing, key add, etc.
  • ZIP and GZIP APIs for file compression
  • SMTP Email commands and APIs to send and receive email messages with attachments
  • SNMP trap message support for integration with OpenView, Tivoli, etc.

Zip File Compression

  • Zip and Unzip files using commands and automation
  • Encrypt and decrypt Zip archives using the WinZip AES standard
  • Process multiple files and sub-directories on Zip and Un-Zip
  • Use wildcards to select files
  • Includes Windows Zip command line application

Encrypted PDF Support

  • Encrypted and non-encrypted PDF generation
  • Multiple fonts, font sizes, colors
  • Tables, lists, standard text
  • Embedded images
  • Adobe encrypted PDF compatible
  • View PDF on Windows, Mac, Linux, etc

Compliance Logging

  • FTP transfer history (send and receive)
  • PGP encryption history with ADK support
  • Encryption key access logging
  • Compliance reports

Data Transform

  • Create Excel CSV from any database file
  • Import Excel CSV to database file
  • Create tab-delimited and fixed ASCII files from any database file
  • Automate data transformations and conversions to integrate with
  • FTP automation

Monitor and Alert

  • System audit journal (QAUDJRN)
  • SNMP trap messages
  • SMTP email notification
  • QSYSOPR message queue


  • Software maintenance
  • Technical support
  • 24/7/365 support available
  • On-site installation available
  • Contract services available

System Requirements

  • IBM i V6R1 or later
  • SSH support requires V6R1 or later
  • Zip requires Java 1.5.1 or later

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