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QRadar Demonstration

Why is QRadar so effective? Security Intelligence

Compared to other SIEM solutions, IBM QRadar has machine learning, cybersecurity AI and behavior analytics technologies built in to automate many security analyst’s tasks, such as threat hunting, vulnerability scanning, user risk analysis, alerts, incident response and conducting forensics of an identified offense. QRadar SIEM turns all the accumulated event logs, network activity logs and scans into security intelligence that can detect and prevent both security threats using security AI from a vast amount of industry expert sources. QRadar is able to successfully parse and correlate event logs from more vendors than any other solution on the market, enabling out of the box pre-defined searches, alerts and reports for quick and simple implementation.

An All-In-One QRadar SIEM solution includes the following:

  • Web Console (unlimited users)
  • Event Log Collector (sources can be on premise, remote or in the cloud)
  • Network Flow Collector (sources can be on premise or remote)
  • Event Log Processor
  • Vulnerability Scanner (up to 256 included, supports customer provided scanners)
  • Network Flow Processor (Level 1 to 5 PCAP, Level 7 packet capture is add-on)
  • Cybersecurity AI Threat Intelligence Integration
  • Behavior Analytics
  • Access to 100’s of Security Apps for use with QRadar at no extra charge
  • Predefined Rules, Alerts, Responses, Reports and Dashboards for over 450 vendor specific products
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