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SIEM Automation Real-Time Detection and Response

Security detection and response that is not automated or real-time, is simply not providing protection and is not security at all. You should already know which SIEM features are most important to improve your security posture. Automation and Real-time Detection and Response are the key for security. Now it’s just a matter of finding which SIEM delivers on all its promises. Odds are, you are not satisfied with your SIEM and perhaps feel you have invested in the wrong solution. Depending on the SIEM vendor, you may even feel trapped, and must continue with the limited options from your current vendor....

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IBM Immutable Backups for Cyber Resilience

immutable-backup-cyber-resilience Immutable Backup Cyber Resilience

Immutable backup technology is crtical component for Cyber Resiliency and Disaster Recovery for organizations of any size. Cyber resilience is a measure of an organization’s ability to protect data and continue business operations despite a successful cyberattack involving data that is either corrupted or destroyed, such as from a malware or ransomware attack. The measure of cyber resiliency is based on amount of data loss and recovery time required to resume normal business operations. If you were to conduct a cyber resiliency analysis of your environment based on NIST CSF, it would assesses and score your organization’s readiness to sustain and...

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Managed SIEM Services: Evaluation and Pricing

managed-siemaas-msiem-socaas-mssp Managed SIEM SIEMaaS SOCaaS MSIEM MSSP

Managed SIEM Services (MSIEM, SOCaaS, MSSP, SIEMaaS) can provide companies with various levels of security services at a reasonable price including: Monitoring (threat hunting), vulnerability scanningReporting, alertingRoot cause analysisData encrichment and intelligence providing context about security incidentsRecommendations for containment and remediation stepsPerform actual remediation on behalf customerSIEM tuning and managed security services needed to augment deficiencies in expertise and staffing. Managed SIEM prices vary based on the volume of events per second (EPS) and the required level of services from the SIEM as a Service provider. To compare apples to apples, be sure to request a detailed SOW and clear SLA. Outsourcing SIEM...

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Managed SIEM Services: MSIEM SIEMaaS, SECaaS, SOCaaS

managed-siem-secaas-socaa_20190807-211809_1 Managed SIEM SOCaaS SECaaS

Is your SIEM the magic bullet? Many companies are finding their SIEM implementations have provided little return on investment and have not strengthened their security posture to any great degree. Purchasing the best SIEM and endpoint security tools on the market will not magically identify vulnerabilities, make an infrastructure more secure. Every SIEM requires proper implementation and ongoing tuning services to keep up with the constant changing landscape of threats, vulnerabilities and a customer’s own environment. Like any security product, every SIEM requires an experienced technician to configure it correctly, and enough staff must be trained to keep up with the volume...

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IBM z SIEM and SYSLOG Forwarding Considerations

The IBM z mainframe system remains the workhorse for most of the largest and most successful companies in the world, maintaining both mission critical legacy software applications and new workloads. In the scope of sensitive data and security, the IBM z/OS protects the company’s jewels for good reason, but has a plethora of system and security event log sources that must be monitored and forwarded to a SIEM like IBM QRadar, AlienVault, Exabeam, Managed SIEM or a SYSLOG Server like the Splunk. Since IBM mainframe event logs do not conform to SIEM and SYSLOG industry standards, many IBM z shops are running batch...

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QRadar Price List by License (Revised for 2020)

*Also see QRadar Pricing on all IBM SIEM Security Intelligence Product Prices  (including QRadar Hardware Appliances) QRadar SIEM Free Trial Compared to what you are doing today, QRadar will unify your existing IT infrastructure and security products into a user friendly and intelligent SOC. QRadar provides advanced, automated threat detection above and beyond what you would expect.  But the only way to appreciate the simplicity and robustness of QRadar SIEM platform is to evaluate security solution for yourselves.  QRadar FREE Trials & Demos   2019 QRadar Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price Chart by License*MSRPQRadar SIEM by IBM Security - Event Processor Virtual 1690...

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How To Proactively Prevent Cybersecurity Breaches With QRadar AI SIEM

New: POWER8 Vs POWER9 Compared for 2020 Even most zero-day exploit attacks can be defended against with proper artificial intelligence, an advanced QRadar SIEM, end point security and a good plan, would minimize or prevent damage to company assets. IBM QRadar SIEM exist because companies discover cybersecurity breaches long after the damage is done. Consequently, in the following weeks and months security personnel and executives will exhaust all resources investigating and responding to the all the events that led up to the attack, and tackle a host of other costly post-incident damage control and prevention initiatives. If the attack was not...

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QRadar IBM i iSeries AS400 Log Forwarding

qradar-ibm-i-iseries-leef-gid-offense-risk-score QRadar IBM i Offense

Configuring the IBM i to forward security and system event logs to QRadar SIEM can be done a few different ways, but in order to do it correctly; in LEEF format, in real-time, with GID and enriched event log information, you need an IBM i event log forwarding tool designed for the QRadar SIEM. There are IBM i security event log forwarding tools that can be used for QRadar that will send event logs in real-time and in CEF SYSLOG format, and even a couple that support LEEF, but only one includes QRadar QID for mapping, log enrichment and is on...

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QRadar vs Splunk SIEM What You Need To Know BEFORE switching in 2019

This QRadar vs Splunk comparison will help anyone planning on switching in 2019 from Splunk to QRadar SIEM. It will also help anyone just curious to s...

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QRadar Prices for All-in-One Hardware SIEM Appliances

QRadar Prices for All-in-One SIEM Appliances start at $38,500.00 to $102,000.00. Pricing is calculated based on the volume of events and network flows ingested by the SIEM. QRadar prices for All-in-One appliance includes the following licenses for out of the box deployment: Maximum Events per Second defined by model (expandable increments: 100, 500, 1000, 2500, 20000, 40000, 80000)Maximum Flows per Minute defined by model (expandable increments: 10000, 25000, 50000, 100000, 1200000, 2400000, 3600000)QRadar Security Intelligence Console for SOC including advanced threat protection, predefined dashboards, partner provided and editableIBM Security AI Sense Analytics for assets on premise, mobile, remote sites and cloud servicesAsset...

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How QRadar Pricing Works

IBM QRadar pricing is determined by the number of event logs per second and network flow logs per minute the SIEM must ingest. On average, QRadar will replace 6 customer installed security products. Furthermore, QRadar is considered by industry experts to be one of the most advanced and mature SIEM tools on the market, that can also integrate with a customer’s existing security defenses. Volume pricing discounts are provided for all QRadar SIEM product lines, including on premise appliances, software licenses, virtual hardware (any customer provided VMware infrastructure), as well as QRadar SIEM in the Cloud, SaaS and hosted managed SIEM...

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Defending Against Cybersecurity threats in 2019

Webroot just released their latest cybersecurity threat report after analyzing data from the first half of 2018, and results show hardware can be just...

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QRadar recognized as SIEM leader 10 years in a row

QRadar SIEM Security Intelligence Platform is recognized as a Leader for the 10th consecutive year in the latest Forrester comparison report "Wave on ...

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QRadar App for Cloud Infrastructures

QRadar Cloud Visibility app on the x-Force app exchange is for managing and providing security for Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure...

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Cybersecurity AI and SIEM Security Machine Learning

Cybersecurity AI integrated SIEM Security tools accurately identify and prevent attacks in a fraction of the time and cost humans are capable, using s...

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QRadar SIEM Varonis app

The QRadar SIEM app list grew even larger last month with the addition of 2 more cybersecurity vendors. Varonis Systems, Inc., a pioneer in data secur...

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QRadar adds TruSTAR Threat Intelligence App

QRadar​ TruSTAR's app enables ingestion of OSINT, 3rd party cybersecurity threat intelligence, ISAC/ISAO feeds and your own internal data in...

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SIEM Machine Learning AI and Behavior Analytics

Cybersecurity breaches caused by employees account for roughly 75% of all data breaches. Internal security threats are usually among the costliest att...

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