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Managed SIEM Services: Evaluation and Pricing

managed-siemaas-msiem-socaas-mssp Managed SIEM SIEMaaS SOCaaS MSIEM MSSP

Managed SIEM Services (MSIEM, SOCaaS, MSSP, SIEMaaS) can provide companies with various levels of security services at a reasonable price including:

  • Monitoring (threat hunting), vulnerability scanning
  • Reporting, alerting
  • Root cause analysis
  • Data encrichment and intelligence providing context about security incidents
  • Recommendations for containment and remediation steps
  • Perform actual remediation on behalf customer
SIEM tuning and managed security services needed to augment deficiencies in expertise and staffing.

Managed SIEM prices vary based on the volume of events per second (EPS) and the required level of services from the SIEM as a Service provider.

To compare apples to apples, be sure to request a detailed SOW and clear SLA. Outsourcing SIEM management and other security services can significantly improve a company’s security posture, minimize risks and lower ongoing operating costs. Security companies typically have much better training and resources for security engineers and analysts than most companies can afford to pay for the level of monitoring required to maintain a secure environment.
Contact us for Managed SIEM as a Service pricing for QRadar, AlienVault, Splunk or Exabeam, and view demo of how an advanced SOC implementation can minimize the risks and threats in your environment. 
 Is your SIEM always crying wolf? Are large number of false positives causing alert fatigue and overwhelming operators with unimportant alarms? Alert fatigue causes poor response times and prevents security engineers from responding to real security threats quickly. SIEMs with an over whelming number of alerts actually cause critical alerts to get missed. If SIEM alerts are not consistently triggering on actionable security threats, it means something is awry with the SIEM rules, event logs or both. Most SIEMs are still configured with default settings for Device Support Modules (DSMs), using regular expressions to extract and parse only a portion of the available data from the raw data, meaning they are not converting some of the most critical data from needed to identify and analyze threats. Furthermore, most SIEM DSMs will not parse the additional layers of the event logs using defaults, which is needed to create meaningful alerts minimize false positives. Most SIEMs are also missing critical log sources that provide necessary context to identify threats, which is another key reason why security threats get missed.

 Our Managed SIEM as a Service will ensure no important log source gets missed.

All critical data from the raw logs gets extracted and parsed correctly, and logs are enriched with security AI from external threat feeds to build automated and accurate alerts, policies and reports. Our security engineers have designed hundreds of custom parsers and rules that extract and analyze all useful information needed from your raw log sources that ensure anomalous behavior is identified with minimal false positives. Our vast experience with managing SIEMs has enabled us to leverage a massive amount automation and precision, allowing us to manage very large volumes of events per second (EPS), while ensuring reliability and minimal incident response times. Our SIEMaaS and SOCaaS offerings can integrate with almost any third-party tool using HTTPS restful APIs, or we will create a custom solution to forward the log source.
 Finding the right SIEMaaS, SOCaaS, MSSP or MSIEM service provider requires evaluating a number of factors. Assuming the providers your company is considering are experts in security, the provider’s engineers should have experience with the security technology they will be monitoring and managing. Our fully managed SIEM, SOC and Security as a Service (SECaaS) offerings are defined by customer requirements, not by rigid take it or leave it sales templates. Not many SIEMaaS providers will manage another company’s SIEM. We are able to managed your SIEM on your company premise’s, in the cloud or at another company’s hosting facility. Our SIEM and SOC operators are experts on monitoring QRadar, AlienVault, Splunk and Exabeam. Our SIEM operators abide by customer’s escalation procedures and alerting hierarchy. We provide 24x7x365 follow-the-sun service and customer support, and able to support remote branches in any country. We have no outsourced employees (all speak English natively).

QRadar, AlienVault, Splunk or Exabeam Managed SIEM and SOC 

Our QRadar, AlienVault, Splunk or Exabeam Managed SIEM and SOC offerings include event log normalization, analyzing and identifying true threats (threat hunting), responding to security incidents, creating reliable alerts, applying company business rules, creating custom dashboards, tuning SIEM (resolving false alerts), delivering actionable security intelligence, providing recommendations and steps for remediation. Weekly and biweekly meetings and reports are provided for service assurance, performance, change management, incident management, configuration management, release management and general system health.
 Companies that leave firewalls, IDS, IPS and other security defenses idle, and not proactively applying patches and updates are vulnerable to a plethora of threats and attacks. The fact that most hackers know a lot more about a company’s security defenses and vulnerabilities makes this scenario even more scary. Hackers are usually pretty patient and persistent. They only need to find one way in, which is why it is critical to keep up with the latest vulnerabilities, attacks and implement rules to prevent them. Our SIEM and SOC maintains a detailed up to date security AI database from a large consortium of reputable and verified threat intelligence feeds, IOCs and from our own customer environments. Our security administrators use all this security intelligence to build and maintain a best in class SOC that can analyze, uncover and remediate zero-day security breaches quickly.

Additional Managed Security Services

Our security engineers and analysts are proficient on the most commonly used and best of breed security products on the market. Additional managed security services can include Threat and Anomaly Detection, Managed Firewall, Endpoint Protection, Cloud Application Security, Email Security, Identity and Access Management, Access Controls, Vulnerability Management, Data Loss Prevention, DDoS Mitigation, vulnerability and threat remediation and forensic analysis. Companies with strict compliance requirements may prefer to offload all SIEM, SOC and security tasks, and let the experts take total control to reduce risks. Some companies simply want to concentrate on core business functions and reduce unnecessary operating costs. Other companies may simply need to fill in a few gaps in expertise or during non-working business hours, in which our security staff will work alongside a customer’s engineers and co-manage security according to a pre-defined structure.

The Best Comprehensive Security Expertise for Complete Protection

Our comprehensive list of security expertise and knowledge will allow your company to put complete faith our resources to protect your entire infrastructure, including configuration changes for incident response and remediation. Please contact us for a custom Managed Security Service SOW that addresses your company’s specific needs. Our extensive security credentials will help minimize risks for compliance and minimize ongoing operating expenses, regardless of where your company branches and sites are located.
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