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QRadar App for Cloud Infrastructures

QRadar Cloud Visibility app on the x-Force app exchange is for managing and providing security for Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and IBM Cloud environments. This app should not be confused with QRadar on Cloud offering for IBM SIEM Saas. This free QRadar app leverages existing QRadar cloud integrations that bring log data from IaaS Infrastructure as a Service environments into QRadar SIEM, and utilizes rules from QRadar's cloud content extensions from the IBM Security App Exchange. These data streams and security use cases enable QRadar to detect cloud misconfigurations (common issues with AWS S3 buckets or Azure Blob storage) and identify security threats. The QRadar Cloud Visibility app allows analysts to identify potential offenses in AWS, Microsoft Azure, and IBM Cloud environments.

Amazon AWS capabilities:
Simplified log source management
Identity and access management for accounts, users, and IAM roles
VPC Flow visualization
Auto-Population of QRadar Network Hierarchy

Download QRadar Cloud Visibility app on IBM x-Force App Exchange, or read more details about QRadar Cloud Visibility app here.

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