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9009-22A IBM iSeries POWER9 S922

9009-22A IBM iSeries Power9 S922: Systems and Upgrades

IBM POWER9 Server Linux 9009-22A S922 can be configured with a maximum of 20 cores in 2 sockets, 4TB of DDR4 memory, 512KB of L2 cache per core, 10MB of L3 cache per core and 128MB of L4 cache per core, 480 Partitions, 14.4TB of internal storage and supports up to 672 additional external disk drives in 28 expansion unit. Go to processor product page for detailed Linux server hardware specifications.

9009-22A Models:
IBM 9009-22A EP16 4-Core 3.8GHz Processor AIX and Linux Server only

IBM 9009-22A EP18 8-Core 3.9GHz Processor  68,000-272,000 CPW, P10 Software Tier
IBM 9009-22A EP19 10-Core 3.8GHz Processor  60,000-300,000 CPW, P10 Software Tier

The POWER9 9009-22A AIX and Linux server hardware supports two processor sockets with 10/20-core, 8/16-core or 4-core configurations in a 2U 19-inch rack-mount drawer. The 9009-22A server has 32 DDR4 main storage DIMM slots for 8GB, 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB increments, that run at different speeds ranging from 2133 to 2666 Mbps. Requires Linux Server: IBM Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 for Power LE or version 7.4 or later; SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 Service Pack 3 or later; Ubuntu Server 16.04.4 or later. See the processor product page for AIX support details.

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IBM i on Power9 9009-22A S922
IBM i support is provided at a price-attractive P10 software tier even though the S922 has two sockets. However, there are limitations to the maximum size of the partition, and all I/O must be virtualized through VIOS. Up to four cores (real or virtual) per IBM i partition are supported. Multiple IBM i partitions can be created and run concurrently, and each individual partition can have up to four cores for IBM i OS400. The 9009-22A does not support IBM i on the PE16 4-core processor. IBM i requires VIOS and OS400 V7R3 TR4 or V7R2 TR8 and later.

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