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IBM AIX Servers

IBM AIX Servers - Pricing and Upgrades

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IBM AIX Servers are built to provide best in class business computing, security, availability and value.

IBM’s innovative AIX Server Open architecture allows companies to scale out and up so you can consolidate all your UNIX, iSeries, Linux and Virtual Application Server workloads. IBM Power Systems outperform competing UNIX, Linux and x86 platforms for Cloud, eCommerce, Java, big data analytics and database performance statistics. 

IBM Power AIX Servers offer out of the box pre-built solutions to simplify deployment and migration experts to help Solaris and HP-UX customers make a smooth transition and take advantage of better technology.

The IBM Power8 architecture is the brains of the OpenPOWER ecosystem and foundation for integrated hardware solutions that will dramatically accelerate intense compute and database tasks.

IBM Power8 Systems have over twice the bandwidth of prior IBM Power servers, deliver unmatched performance capabilities in all performance metrics, have unprecidented superior scale-out-and-up efficiencies, have lower power requirements, and still provide the best bang for the buck in terms of initial and ongoing costs due to Power8's economic Linux and OpenStack architecture

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IBM S922 9009-22G EP58 16-Core AIX Server

AIX rPerf SMT8 = 394.5 | SMT4 = 313.1 | SMT2 = 226.9 | ST = 133.4

IBM S922 9009-22G EP58 8-Core AIX Server

AIXrPerf SMT8 = 202.3 | SMT4 = 106.5 | SMT2 = 116.3 | ST = 68.4

IBM S922 9009-22G EP59 10-Core AIX Server

AIX rPerf SMT8 = 218.6 | SMT4 = 173.5 | SMT2 = 125.7 | ST = 74.0

IBM S922 9009-22G EP59 20-Core AIX Server

AIX rPerf SMT8 = 426.4 | SMT4 = 338.4 | SMT2 = 245.2 | ST = 144.2

IBM S922 9009-22G EP5B 22-Core AIX Server

AIX rPerf SMT8=233.9, SMT4=185.6, SMT2=134.5, ST = 79.1

IBM S922 9009-22G EP5B 11-Core AIX Server

AIX rPerf SMT8=233.9, SMT4=185.6, SMT2=134.5, ST = 79.1 | CPW = 195,200

IBM S922 9009-22G EP56 4-Core AIX Server

AIX rPerf SMT8 89.8 SMT4 71.2 SMT 51.6 ST 30.4