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IBM Storage and Tape

IBM Storage and Tape

New and Refurbished IBM Tape Drives & Libraries, VTL Backup Appliances, SANs and Enterprise Storage devices in stock (we ship worldwide) and at low prices. An IBM Business Partner you can trust, since 1981.

Entry LTO: IBM TS3100 & TS3200 tape libraries, IBM TS2240, TS2250, TS2260, TS2350, TS2360 tape drives and IBM TS2900 tape autoloader
Entry VTL Backup Appliance: miSAN-V and iSAN-V
Entry SAN: 1000 and 3000  40005000 and 6000 (Brochure) & 7000
Midrange LTO: IBM TS3310, TS3500 and TS4500 tape library
Midrange VTL Backup Appliance: iSAN-V & iSAN-V2
Midrange SAN: 3000  40005000 and SSD-SAN Storage
Enterprise LTO: IBM TS1130, TS1140, TS1150 tape drives and IBM TS4500 tape library
Enterprise VTL Backup Appliance: iSAN-V2 and iSAN-SSD

Storewize V3700
Enterprise SAN: 6000,7000 and SSD-SAN Storage