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IBM IBM ES7K 387GB SFF-3 SSD 5xx eMLC4 Disk Drive IBM ES7K 00LY577 5B19 387GB SSD 5xx block eMLC4.. Product #: 00LY577-ES7K-5B19

IBM ES7K 00LY577 5B19 387GB SSD 5xx block eMLC4

Brand: IBM
Model Number: 00LY577-ES7K-5B19

IBM ES7K 00LY577 5B19 387GB SSD 5xx block eMLC4 IBM Power AIX Linux VIOS
The IBM ES7K 387GB SFF-3 SSD 5xx block is a fourth generation eMLC4 Solid State Drive for IBM Power AIX, Linux and VIOS systems, has 5B19 CCIN and 00LY577 part number. The IBM ES7L 387GB SFF-3 SSD is formatted with 528 byte sectors and supported in SFF-3 SAS bays in the CEC of IBM Power9 and Power8 systems. The IBM ES7L 387GB SFF-3 SSD with 00LY324 part number for IBM i is an identical solid state drive as the IBM ES7K ESB0 ESG9 ESGA ESGT EL7K ELG9 feature codes that reports with the same 5B19 CCIN and have the same part numbers. The IBM ES7K does not fit in IBM EXP24S drawers (SFF-2) or in IBM 5802 or 5803 I/O drawers (SFF-1) or in POWER7 system units (SFF-1) SAS bays. The IBM 5B19 SSD was not tested with 512 byte sectors, therefore JBOD mode for AIX/Linux is not supported.
The fourth generation IBM SSDs (eMLC4) require the correct carrier tray for installation. IBM eMLC4 solid state drives can be installed in SFF-3 SAS bays of a IBM Power System CEC or SFF-2 SAS bays in IBM EXP24S (5887 or EL1S) or EXP24SX (ESLS) I/O drawer, providing up to 24 SSDs for 37.2 TB of flash memory technology storage. Other fourth generation IBM SSDs with eMLC4 technology are below:
IBM Enterprise SSD eMLC4 (fourth generation) for IBM i, AIX, Linux or VIOS, IBM Power9 or Power8 CEC:
5B13 387 GB SFF-3 4K SSD - 00LY333 00LY603
5B19 387 GB SFF-3 5xx SSD - 00LY324 00LY577
5B14 775 GB SFF-3 4k SSD - 00LY334 00LY604
5B1A 775 GB SFF-3 5xx SSD - 00LY325 00LY578
5B15 1.55 TB SFF-3 4k SSD - 00LY335 00LY605
IBM Enterprise SSD eMLC4 (fourth generation) for IBM i, AIX, Linux or VIOS, IBM EXP24S (5887 or EL1S) or EXP24SX (ESLS) I/O drawer:
5B10 387 GB SFF-2 4K SSD - 00LY336 00LY621
5B16 387 GB SFF-2 5xx SSD - 00LY327 00LY589
5B11 775 GB SFF-2 4K SSD - 00LY337 00LY622
5B17 775 GB SFF-2 5xx SSD - 00LY328 01LU623
5B12 1.55 TB SFF-2 4k SSD - 00LY338 00LY623
IBM Enterprise SSDs with eMLC4 require a integrated SAS controller in the IBM Power system unit or one of the following PCIe3 or PCIe2 SAS adapters:
IBM 57B1 PCIe3 12 GB Cache RAID+ SAS Adapter Quad-port 6 Gb (01DH742 EJ14)
IBM 57B4 PCIe3 RAID SAS Adapter Quad-port 6 Gb x8 (00FX846 EJ10 EJ11 EJ0J EJ0M)
IBM 57CE PCIe3 12 GB Cache RAID SAS Adapter Quad-port 6 Gb x8 (00FX840 EJ0L)
IBM 57D8 PCIe3 x8 Cache SAS RAID Adapter 6 Gb (00MA025 EJ0P)
IBM 57D7 PCIe3 x8 SAS RAID Adapter 6 Gb (00MH906 00MH908 EJ0N EJ0S EL3V)
IBM 57B4 PCIe3 RAID SAS Adapter Quad-port 6Gb x8 (00FX846 EL65 EL3B EL59)
IBM 57BB PCIe2 1.8GB Cache RAID SAS Adapter Tri-port 6Gb CR (74Y7131 ESA3)
IBM 57B5 PCIe2 1.8GB Cache RAID SAS Adapter Tri-port 6Gb (00J0596 5913)
IBM 5B19 0LY324 00LY577 OS Requirements:
IBM i V7R1 TR11, or later; IBM i V7R2 TR4, or later; IBM i V7R3, or later
AIX for 4k drives: AIX 7.2 TL0, or later; AIX 7.1 TL3 SP3, or later; or AIX 7.1 TL4, or later; AIX 6.1 TL 9 SP 3, or later.
AIX for 5xx drives: All AIX levels that are supported on that server.
PowerVM VIOS for 4k drives: PowerVM VIOS V2.2.3.3, or later; PowerVM VIOS V2.2.4.0, or later. 387 GB and 775 GB capacity points are supported across all these software levels.
PowerVM VIOS for 5xx drives: All VIOS levels that are supported on that server.
PowerVM VIOS for 4k drives: VIOS or later, VIOS or later.
SLES 11 SP4, or later; SLES 12, or later.
RHEL 6.7, or later; RHEL 7.2, or later; Ubuntu 16.04, or later; Ubuntu 14.04.4, or later.
As with earlier IBM enterprise SSDs, these solid state drives are designed to deliver great endurance and reliability. These 4th generation enterprise class eMLC SSDs were tested to provide 24x7x365 usage running write-intensive levels for about five years. Actual customer writes will be much lower, and thus the SSD life span will be much longer. Similar to the eMLC3 SSDs, the new SSDs provide a Drive Write Per Day (DWPD) rating of approximately "10", which estimates the number of times the SSD's capacity could be written per day over the projected life of the drive. The new eMLC4 SAS SSDs provide significantly improved price/performance compared to previous eMLC3 SSDs. eMLC4 SSD performance is improved over previous generations of Power eMLC SSDs. Compared to the eMLC3 SSDs, the new eMLC4 drives offer improved input/output operations per second (IOPS), throughput, and latency. For example, measurements show:
Up to 50% higher maximum IOPS value for random mixed read/write workloads
Up to 750 MBps while reading from the drive or up to 470 MBps while writing to the drive
Up to 20% better latency running a random mixed read/write workload (down to a 0.12 ms latency)
IBM Power eMLC flash memory provides enterprise-class performance and reliability characteristics. The new fourth-generation eMLC SSDs build upon a heritage of performance and endurance to provide a better value proposition to users of Power8 and Power7 servers. They provide SAS 6 Gbps capability, but are designed to be 12 Gbps compliant if future SAS adapters support 12 Gbps capability.
Note: IBM 4k drives cannot be reformatted to 5xx drives (or vice versa). IBM is transitioning away from manufacturing SAS Hard Disk Drives (HDD) and Solid State Drives (SSD) formatted with 512 and 528-byte sector (5xx), and instead will only be providing 4K byte sector drives. Although most AIX and Linux applications will not experience issues since data access to the SAS drives is via a file system, companies should confirm with their application provider to ensure compatibility with using SSD or HDD with 4K byte sectors. AIX and Linux applications that require direct access to the raw data on the SSD or HDD, may require 512 and 528-byte sector (5xx) sectors drives.
Support of the new Enterprise SSDs by earlier SAS adapters prior to PCIe3 is not planned. The SSD configuration rules, maximums, limitations, and capabilities of these PCIe3 SAS adapters and integrated POWER8 SAS controllers are unchanged, whether new Enterprise SSDs are used or earlier SSDs are used. You can mix Enterprise SSDs and earlier SSDs under the same controller or adapter, as well as mix them in the same array. This allows existing SSD investments to be leveraged and can provide more flexible growth.
Previous IBM Power SSD rules are unchanged and include:
  • Do not mix different size capacities such as 387 GB and 775 GB in the same array or mix 775 GB and 1.55 TB in the same array.
  • Do not mix 4k and 5xx drives in the same array.
  • Do not mix SSDs and HDDs in the same array unless it is an Easy Tier array.
  • 4k drives are not supported on servers older than POWER8.