Backup Encryption

Backup Encryption
Paranoia hardware encryption appliances are designed to fit into any IT environment and provide excellent backup data transfer rates. Paranoia backup encryption devices can be installed between any host and tape drive or library in minutes without any professional assistance. The Paranoia media encryption appliance is so transparent to your backup software and OS, you can boot from tape (Alternate IPL on IBM AS400). Paranoia backup encryption devices are available in both Fiber and SCSI models.

Paranoia has many benefits compared to other tape encryption solutions, but most notably, Paranoia doesn't require you to change your existing tape drives, backup software or purchase new media.

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Field Level Encryption

Crypto Complete includes the comprehensive features needed to satisfy stringent requirements for encryption and key management. This proven solution is used in mission-critical environments to protect sensitive System i database fields and backups. Organizations depend on Crypto Complete to help secure confidential information from both external hackers and unauthorized internal users.