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Is Power9 the best performing Linux server? Q&A With IBM Gold Partner, Midland Information Systems plus real world examples.

  IBM Power9 Servers may be the best Linux server to run your applications. IBM Power Linux servers have a proven history of delivering over twice the performance per core compared to industry leading x86 server brands. IBM Power Linux servers have also proven to deliver the lowest cost of ownership compared to other Linux servers running on x86 hardware. Although there is no one single answer to this question, the two statements address what most people want to know when comparing Linux server workloads, such as: application server, database server, cloud server, SAP server, analytics server, business intelligence server, web server, media server, HCI or like x86 workloads. IBM Power Linux Server Q&A The questions and answers in this article are based on real-life business scenarios, independent x86 Linux server comparison case studies, industry experts, competitor specifications, vendor testing and other fact based benchmark laboratory testing results. The questions revolve around the important business decisions companies must make about how to lower licensing costs, operating costs and/or how to improve application response times for business units. Fact: 80 percent of the Fortune 100 companies use IBM Power Systems. Q: What applications can I run on a IBM Power Linux Server? A: Any x86 Linux server application running on Ubuntu Server, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and RedHat Enterprise Linux is supported. In addition, the community versions of Linux server like Debian, openSUSE, CentOS, Fedora and others can also run on IBM Power Linux servers. Q: Does an IBM Power9 Linux server cost more than an x86 server? A: Yes, maybe and no. When comparing the upfront hardware costs of purchasing a IBM Power Linux server solution to a comparable x86 server solution, x86 hardware may be at times less expensive and sometimes not. However, after accounting for lower licensing costs, reliability, implementation time, scalability, performance, ongoing management and security, IBM Power9 Linux servers have a much lower cost of ownership compared to alternative x86 servers. Q: Why does a IBM Power Linux server have a lower TCO compared to an x86 server? A: IBM Power systems provide better performance per core,...
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