9406-520 Power5 Memory

9406-520 Power5 Memory

All IBM i Series (Power5, Power6 & Power7) and iSeries Memory is IBM Certified and eligible for new or existing IBM i Maintenance Contracts. All IBM i Power Systems and parts include warranty. View other Power Model iSeries Memory here or older IBM 9406 AS400 Memory here. If your not sure what iSeries memory your system needs, please contact us for assistance.

The IBM i 9406-520, Power5 Model 520 allows up to 32 GB of Main Storage via 8 Memory slots in the system unit (4 memory features). The 1.9GHz processor models of the 9406-520 uses DDR2 memory DIMMs (in pairs). The 1.5GHz and 1.65GHz processor models of the 9406-520 uses DDR1 memory DIMMs (in pairs). Each 520 DDR2 memory feature represents one pair of DIMMs.

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iSeries 9406 Memory, #2895 128 MB SERVER MEMORY

The IBM 2895 128MB AS400 iSeries Server Memory DIMM is only available in used or refurbished condition. The IBM 2895 128MB Server Memory DIMM can be installed in a 2890, 2891 or 2899 PCI Integrated xSeries Server. The IBM 2895 Memory DIMMs are supported on the following AS400 iSeries systems: 270, 520, 550, 570, 595, 800, 810, 825, 870, 890

Attributes provided: 128MB integrated server memory
Attributes required: integrated server memory slot
Minimum required: 0
Maximum allowed: 48 (Initial order maximum: 0)
OS level required: i5/OS V4R5, or later
CSU: Yes