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Switching from Splunk to QRadar SIEM?

If you are switching from Splunk to QRadar SIEM or just curious to see the additional functionality QRadar has in comparison to Splunk, you should check out the new free Splunk to QRadar SIEM App that enables forwarding of raw data from Splunk Enterprise or the Splunk Universal Forwarder to QRadar for analysis. Once the QRadar app connects to Splunk forwarders, a list of data sources are displayed to choose which logs are forwarded to QRadar. This QRadar app modifies the appropriate Splunk configuration files, and Splunk then performs the forwarding of the selected event logs to QRadar. The QRadar SIEM then parses the data from Splunk the same way it parses other data sources, and preexisting auto detection settings work as expected.

QRadar Out of the Box Benefits
  • Faster detection of cybersecurity threats, malicious insiders and vulnerabilities
  • Minimize alert fatigue (false positives)
  • Bi-directional integration of existing security defense tools into SIEM
  • Out of box log integration (much much less custom parsing required)
  • Plug and play rules for alerts and reports
  • Security AI feeds directly into QRadar for automatic updates of current threats
  • Less resources are able to efficiently investigate real concerns

The QRadar SIEM App For Splunk Data Forwarding makes the process very quick and simple for the user, simply enter the IP of your Splunk instance, it discovers the collected data of your Splunk environment, and a simple point and click to start forwarding your Splunk data to QRadar, which will enable more cybersecurity and internal threat analysis for evaluation. The QRadar app works with both the universal forwarder and heavy forwarder.

Sometimes the grass really is greener! Download the QRadar SIEM App For Splunk Data Forwarding from the xForce App Exchange and start comparing! To get started, you will first need to QRadar environment set up likely using the free community edition version. At the time of this App's release, it only supports a local QRadar SIEM deployment. Check back for updates if you are interested in a cloud deployment which this Splunk Forwarding app does not support.

Contact us if you have any questions or need assistance getting started! 

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Monday, 18 March 2019