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9009-42A IBM Power9 S924 IBM i AIX System Upgrades and Pricing for EP1E EP1F EP1G

9009-42A IBM Power9 S924: System Upgrades

IBM Power9 9009-42A and 9009-42G S924 Model Specifications Comparisons Pricing
IBM Power9 9009-42A and 9009-42G S924 Power9 scale-out models are completely cloud enabled out of the box with integrated PowerVM Enterprise capabilities for IBM i and AIX workloads. IBM Power9 on-chip analytics and algorithms enable workloads to run at optimized processor frequency for performance and throughput. The 9009-42A S924 models have two sockets, are all in a P20 software tier, and processors provide unmatched memory scaling and core to memory ratio needed for data-centric and in-memory workloads. IBM Power9 9009-42A S924 Specifications: 32 DDR4 Main Storage DIMM slots in 16, 32, 64 and 128 GB increments for a maximum of 4TB of Power9 memory and 12 or 18 SFF SAS Bay options for internal Power9 Disk Drives or SDD.

IBM Power9 Models by CPUs:

9009-42A EP1E 8-Core 18188-145500 CPW
9009-42A EP1F 10-Core 17450-174500 CPW
9009-42A EP5H 11-Core 17745-195200 CPW

9009-42A EP1G 12-Core 15446-370700 CPW
9009-42A EP1E 16-Core Two Socket 18188-268500 CPW
9009-42A EP1F 20-Core Two Socket 17450-318000 CPW
9009-42A EP5H 22-Core Two Socket 15909-350000 CPW 

9009-42A EP1G 24-Core Two Socket 15446-370700 CPW

IBM Power9 Price Chart

ibm i power9 scale out models

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