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QRadar Prices for All-in-One Hardware SIEM Appliances

QRadar Prices for All-in-One SIEM Appliances start at $38,500.00 to $102,000.00. Pricing is calculated based on the volume of events and network flows ingested by the SIEM.

QRadar prices for All-in-One appliance includes the following licenses for out of the box deployment:

  • Maximum Events per Second defined by model (expandable increments: 100, 500, 1000, 2500, 20000, 40000, 80000)
  • Maximum Flows per Minute defined by model (expandable increments: 10000, 25000, 50000, 100000, 1200000, 2400000, 3600000)
  • QRadar Security Intelligence Console for SOC including advanced threat protection, predefined dashboards, partner provided and editable
  • IBM Security AI Sense Analytics for assets on premise, mobile, remote sites and cloud services
  • Asset and device auto discovery
  • User Behavior Analytics and Anomaly Detection
  • Network Scanning, Behavior Analytics and Anomaly Detection
  • Vulnerability Manager for 256 devices with IP address with unlimited scans (expandable). Use of customer provided 3rd party scanner is free.
  • Predictive threat modeling, simulation and impact analysis
  • Risk Manager for 256 devices (expandable increments: 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2500, 5000)
  • xForce IP Reputation Feed
  • Access to over 100 apps on IBM xForce Exchange with real-time cybersecurity threat and vulnerability updates

All QRadar Security Intelligence offerings, can flexibly grow and scale by simply adding an additional appliance for workload specific requirements, or use a hybrid of software licenses running on customer provided virtual machines and the cloud. QRadar pricing for the different product lines is significantly different. For instance, IBM’s SIEM SaaS QRadar on Cloud offering has zero upfront costs, providing a simple pay as you go solution. Customers may alternatively deploy QRadar in a private or public Cloud service from Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure or like provider. Fully managed SIEM Security Services MSIEM is provided by the IBM SOC team.

ibm qradar x3550 m5 appliance

QRadar prices for All-in-One Appliances are pre-configured with OS and all required software entitlements needed and are performance tested on Lenovo X-Series Appliance with full support by IBM. Simply power it on. Volume based pricing is determined by the number of events being ingested by QRadar SIEM for additional workloads. First year 24x7 software and 9x5 hardware Maintenance Support is included with initial appliance sale.


QRadar Price

QRadar Product

Part Number


IBM QRadar 3105 All-in-One Appliance + Software Subscription and Support 12 Months for 5,000 Events per Second, 200,000 Network Flows per Minute and 6.2TB of HDD storage



IBM QRadar 3129 All-in-One Appliance + Software Subscription and Support 12 Months for 15,000 Events per Second, 300,000 Network Flows per Minute and 40TB of HDD storage



IBM QRadar 3148 All-in-One Appliance + Software Subscription and Support 12 Months for 30,000 Events per Second, 1,200,000 Network Flows per Minute and 22TB of SDD storage



Note: Appliances are upgradeable and interchangeable, providing very scalable and flexible configurations, including hybrid implementations of appliance/software on customer provided VM nodes. Contact us for additional requirements and license needs, such as: HDD retention, HA, DR and any sizing requirements.

QRadar helps security teams quickly and accurately detect, understand and prioritize cybersecurity threats that matter by ingesting asset, security defense, network, endpoint, cloud and user data… and correlates it against vulnerability information and real-time external threat intelligence feeds, and applies advanced analytics to identify and track the most serious and allusive threats. Once a credible threat is identified, QRadar’s AI-powered investigations provide rapid, intelligent insights into the root cause and scope of the threat, enabling organizations to escalate to first line security analysts, accelerate security operations processes and reduce the impact of incidents… or hand off to Watson for assistance.

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