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IBM iSeries DR Software iSeries DR disaster recovery software solutions are a step up from backup recovery data protection, .. Product #: iseries-dr

iSeries DR Disaster Recovery AS400 Software

Model Number: iseries-dr

iSeries DR disaster recovery software for your AS400 provides real-time one way replication of your production system to a recovery DR system that is local, remote, hosted or in the cloud. Disaster Recovery software is designed to protect your data and applications for unplanned events on a target system up to the point in time of failure on the production system. iSeries DR is more affordable than HA software which provides two way replication enabling any changes made during a role swap to be replicated back to production. iSeries DR is typically a solution for SMBs, which enable companies to recovery their system data on another system up to the point of failure in a very short period of time. The iSeries DR software will ensure your recovery system is ready for a role swap from production when you need it, and will eliminate common data corruption and human errors. Disaster Recovery software provides protection for uncommon events such as loss of power, hardware and infrastructure failures, human error, natural disasters and similar unpredictable events which cause less than five percent of all downtime combined.

iSeries DR Software Features

  • Replicates over 70 different OS400 object types
  • Supports replication to and from internal and external storage
  • Uses intuitive browser to monitor and manage operations
  • Allows for role swap simulation for failover testing (without impacting production)
  • Detailed and automated audit reports
  • email notifications and SNMP alerts
  • Allows target system to be used to run queries and reports
  • includes iSeries performance monitoring
  • Target side monitoring
  • Email and SNMP alerts for unattended monitoring
  • Upgradable to High Availability Edition by purchasing a license for Target

Includes many other features and tools you would expect to find in an enterprise class Disaster Recovery solution. Some common reasons to consider High Availability solution instead of a Disaster Recovery solution

  • Two-way replication is needed (when target system becomes production, and target needs to replicate changes to original production).
  • You realize planned down time costs the company more money than unplanned downtime.
  • Replication to and from switchable IASP.
  • Role Swaps to and from multiple systems

Optional Services

  • Installation, configuration and training
  • Various levels of managed services, includes annual role swap testing
  • Role swap preparation and testing
  • Unplanned role swap assistance
  • Adjustments and optimization
  • Software upgrades, fixes and service packs
  • Fully Managed Disaster and Recovery on a daily basis

Disaster Recovery System Requirements:

  • OS400 V7R1 or higher (production and target systems can be at different version/release levels, 2 up or down)
  • Production system must be a P05 or P10 software tier, with no more than 4 cores (for non-hosted environments).
  • Target system can be in any software tier and have any number of cores.
  • Must be a two system configuration (2 nodes: Production & Target)
  • One way replication (Production to Target).

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