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AS400 Software iSeries Security Compliance Templates IBM iSeries System and Security templates that monitor settings on your system and can automate fixe.. Product #: iseries-compliance-templates

IBM iSeries System and Security Complance Template

Brand: AS400 Software
Model Number: iseries-compliance-templates

iSeries Security Policy Compliance software that simplifies implementation and automates ongoing management and monitoring tasks. Using predefined and customizable templates, security policies can be defined for all your systems and LPARs in a few minutes. Compliance templates can be defined to enforce internal and regulatory complinace requirement such as PCI, SOX, HIPAA, MD5, NIST, Cobit, State Privacy and others security requirements. Security checks can be run ad-hoc utilize the built in scheduler to automate monitoring and reporting of dicrepencies of policies and actual system values. Once comparisons have been checked, the templates can then be used to automatically correct deviated values to comply with the appropriate policy settings. When deviations are found, an alert can be triggered to notify system administrators. Security Policy Templates can be defined for: System Values, User Profiles, User Auditing, Object Authority, Object Auditing, Object Integrity, Authorization List, IFS Obect Authority, IFS Object Integrity and TCP/IP Ports.

Policy Compliance Templates Benefits:
  • Provides tools to ensure corporate policies are not just confined to a document
  • Documents policy status and enforcement
  • Enables those not trained on the iSeries the ability to assess security without involving IT
  • Allows you to efficiently manage security policies on multiple systems
  • Provides synergy between business and technology Units
  • Accelerates compliance implementation
  • Reduces security and IT operating costs
  • Protects sensitive data
  • Ensure data uintegrity
  • Centralizes security policy enforcement and management 
  • Streamlines ongoing management and changes

The capabilities provided by the Policy Compliance Manager eliminates the redundant maintenance tasks of Monitoring, Fixing and Reporting of deviation from a policy. It will not only save you countless man hours each month to adhere to compliance regulations it eliminates the complexities. Some compliance related benefits that can be achieved through the use of the template methodology include:

Once installed, you have immediately have access to a number of compliance regulation specific templates of which you can run a real-time check for policy deviations of any local or remote system or you may choose to schedule a maintenance check frequency. Any predefined template can be modified for your specific needs or you may create additional templates using the template wizard in under a minute. Once the compliance templates are in place, system administrators, security officers and auditors can view real-time deviations or run of all iSeries systems throughout the enterprise.

If you are required to be notified of any deviations to a policy, there are a host of intrusion detection and alerting mechanisms to enable real-time security and compliance monitoring through e-mail, text messages and system driven responses such as disabling a user or revoking special authority status for particularly egregious violations, calling a custom program, sending a message to data queue, sending a message to a message queue or by sending it to a SNMP trap.

Policy Compliance Manager will allow you to enforce and maintain your security policies efficiently.