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IBM 3573-L2U TS3100 Tape Library

IBM 3573-L2U TS3100 Tape Library

A IBM 3573 L2U TS3100 Tape Library is an external 2U LTO Tape unit designed for demanding backups. The TS3100 Tape Library can use IBM LTO6, LTO5 or LTO4 Ultrium Half-High or Full-High Tape Drives. The IBM 3573 L2U TS3100 Supports...

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Brand: IBM
Product Code: 3573-L2U
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A IBM 3573 L2U TS3100 Tape Library is an external 2U LTO Tape unit designed for demanding backups. The TS3100 Tape Library can use IBM LTO6, LTO5 or LTO4 Ultrium Half-High or Full-High Tape Drives. The IBM 3573 L2U TS3100 Supports 24 Ultrium cartridge slots, includes a standard one-cartridge I/O station, remote management unit, bar code reader and available in stand-alone or rack-mountable chasis. The 3573 L2U TS3100 is also sold via several express model codes as well. The IBM TS3100 express models are pre-configured by IBM. Midland can configure the any IBM 3573 TS3100 to your specifications. The TS3100 LTO6 model is read/write backward compatible with LTO Ultrium 5 media and read compatible with LTO Ultrium 4 media

Description Part Feature
TS3100 3573 L2U Tape Library 35732UL 3573 L2U
Ultrium 6 Full-High (Up to 160 Mbps) 8 Gbps Fibre Channel 35P1609 3573-8344
Ultrium 6 Half-High (Up to 160 Mbps) 6 Gbps SAS 35P1619 3573-8347
8 Gbps Fibre Channel 35P1624 3573-8348
Ultrium 5 Full-High (Up to 140 Mbps) 6 Gbps SAS 46X2683 3573-8245
8 Gbps Fibre Channel 46X2682 3573-8244
Ultrium 5 Half-High (Up to 140 Mbps) 6 Gbps SAS 46X2685 3573-8247
8 Gbps Fibre Channel  46X2684 3573-8248
Ultrium 4 Full-High (Up to 120 Mbps) LVD SCSI 95P5002 3573-8143
3 Gbps SAS 95P5006 3573-8145
4 Gbps Fibre Channel 95P5004 3573-8144
Ultrium 4 Half-High (Up to 120 Mbps) 6 Gbps SAS 46X7117 3573-8149
8 Gbps Fibre Channel 46X6912 3573-8148
Ultrium 3 Half-High (Up to 80 Mbps) 6 Gbps SAS 46X7122 3573-8049
Path Failover (at least 2 drives required) 45E9503 3573-1682
Transparent LTO Encryption 45E3081 3573-5900
Rack mount 23R6998 3573-7002
Right-side magazine set 23R6999 3573-8106
Left-side magazine 45E2237 3573-8109
Ultrium tape cartridges WORM media Ultrium 5 media 5-packs 46C2084 3573-8505
Ultrium 4 media 5-packs 95P4278 3573-8405
Ultrium 3 media 5-packs 95P2020 3573-8305
Ultrium Cleaning Cartridge 23R7008  3573-8002

TS3100 3573-L2U Weight & Dimensions:

  • Width: Rack mount 17.6 in, stand-alone 17.6 in
  • Depth: Rack mount 29.13 in, stand-alone 31.9 in
  • Height: Rack mount 3.44 in, stand-alone 3.84 in
  • Maximum weight: 33 lb without rack mount, 45 lbs with rack mount

The TS3100 Tape Library is supported on the following operating systems at the minimum levels indicated:

IBM BladeCenter
IBM Flex System
IBM Power Systems (p6 or later)
IBM System p (p5 or older)
IBM System i
IBM System x
IBM System z and S/390
Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)
Hewlett Packard
Intel (x86 and x86_64)

Security & Encryption
Data is one of the most highly valued resources in a competitive business environment. Protecting that data, controlling access to it, and verifying its authenticity while maintaining its availability are priorities in our security–conscious world. Increasing regulatory requirements are also helping to direct the need for the adequate security of data. LTO Ultrium 6, 5, and 4 drive technology helps address security and compliance requirements with its continued Write Once Read Many (WORM) and Application Managed Encryption (AME) capability. 

Advanced encryption through Library Managed Encryption (LME) and System Managed Encryption (SME) are available as optional Transparent LTO Encryption feature 5900. For key management for encryption, IBM Security Key Lifecycle Manager V2 (formerly IBM Tivoli® Key Lifecycle Manager) is required. Whether encryption is application- or hardware-based, vital data can securely be stored to help ensure compliancy with data security, information disclosure, and privacy regulations for data at rest. 

IBM Linear Tape File System (LTFS)
The IBM Linear Tape File System (LTFS) is the first file system that works in conjunction with LTO generation 5 tape technology to set a new standard for ease-of-use and portability for open systems tape storage. This drive is the first LTO generation to introduce media partitioning, which allows LTO Ultrium 5 media to be divided into segments, improving accessibility by providing the ability to quickly locate data to retrieve or update. The TS3100 and TS3200 Tape Libraries also support IBM System Storage LTFS Library Edition and IBM System Storage LTFS Storage Manager software for IBM LTO Ultrium 6 and 5 tape drives.


With LTFS, accessing data stored on an IBM tape cartridge became as easy and intuitive as using a USB flash drive. With LTFS file manager, reading data on a tape cartridge is as easy as dragging and dropping. Users can run any application designed for disk files against tape data without being concerned that the data is physically stored on tape. Originally built on the LTO Ultrium 5 format standard, IBM Linear Tape File System Library Edition provides a direct, intuitive, graphical access to data stored in IBM tape drives and libraries using LTO Ultrium 5 or 6 tape cartridges. 

Benefits of LTFS Library Edition (LE) are as follows:

  • The graphical user interface helps reduce complexity by enabling an icon-based view of an LTO Ultrium 5 or LTO Ultrium 6 library, including tape cartridges and files using the operating system's file manager. 
  • LE helps reduce costs because it does not require any additional tape management software or utilities. 
  • The file system API of the operating system is used to provide a basic read/write interface to the tape library for applications without any additional operating system enhancements such as “plug-ins” or service packs. 
  • “Mount-less” cartridge inquiry for fast access is achieved after the tape library is inventoried. Tape cartridges do not have to be remounted to retrieve content index data, and basic cartridge information like volume name, serial number, and others. 
  • LTFS LE software can be ordered concurrently with hardware, or as software only for installed supported tape libraries. LTFS LE for LTO Ultrium 5 or 6 tape drives can be ordered as product identifier (PID) software base order number 5639-LT1. The feature number is 5806.
  • Eliminate the need for additional tape management and software to access data. 
  • Accessing data stored on an IBM tape cartridge (instead of on disk) is transparent. 
  • Use hierarchical storage management functionality to load-balance resources for file writes and recalls. 
  • Create operational storage tiers with tape, rather than store static unchanging files on costly disk. 
  • Take advantage of on-disk metadata support, allowing faster searches for archived files based on user-defined metadata. 
  • Easily integrate with user applications through web-services application programming interface.
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