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Password Reset

Password Reset

Password Reset, User Profile & Workstation Enablement tasks from end-users waste Help Desk resources that can be used for more critical Support issues. Enforcive's Password Self-Service (PSS) software tool streamlines Password Management and User Profile Enablement into an autonomous process for users on IBM iSeries, Power AIX, Windows and Linux platforms, empowering users to securely reset and synchronize passwords on all systems they are authorized in a single action, as well as user profile and workstation enablement functions, using real-time authentication via token sent email or SMS and security questions, and without involving the helpdesk. Enforcive's Self-Service tool enforces your corporate password and enablement policies across all your systems, regardless of platform. A quick and simple solution to implement, ideal for companies of all sizes. User Profile and Password self-service portal tools increase user productivity, strengthen security, makes help desk more efficient and frees up administration resources by automating mundane tasks.

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Automated password reset and user profile enablement software tool for IBM iSeri..
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