IBM AS400 IBM 9406 IOP Controller, #4806 - PCI-X Crypto CO-PROCESSOR (#4806) - PCI-X Crypto CoprocessorProvides both cryptographic coprocessor and secure-key cryptograph.. Product #: 4806-9406 based on 0 reviews

AS400 IBM 9406 IOP Controller, #4806 - PCI-X Crypto CO-PROCESSOR

Brand: IBM
Product Code: 4806-9406

(#4806) - PCI-X Crypto Coprocessor

Provides both cryptographic coprocessor and secure-key cryptographic accelerator functions in a single PCI-X card. The coprocessor functions are targeted to banking and finance applications. Financial PIN processing and Europay, MasterCard, Visa (EMV) credit card functions are provided. EMV is a standard for integrated-chip based credit cards. The secure-key accelerator functions are targeted to improving the performance of i5/OS Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) transactions. The #4806 provides the security and performance required to support eBusiness and emerging digital signature applications.

The #4806 provides secure storage of cryptographic keys in a tamper-resistant hardware security module (HSM), which is designed to meet FIPS 140-1 and 2 security requirements. FIPS 140 is a U.S. Government National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) administered standard and certification program for cryptographic modules.

The firmware for the #4806 is available on a separately ordered/distributed CD. This firmware is an LPO product: 5733-CY1 Cryptographic Device Manager. The #4806 also requires LPP 5722-AC3 Cryptographic Access Provider to enable data encryption.

This feature has country-specific usage. Refer to the IBM representatives in your country for availability or restrictions.

Attributes provided: Cryptographic Accelerator Function, EMV-Based Credit Card Function

Attributes required: One PCI-X card slot, LPO 5733-CY1, LPP 5722-AC3

For 9406 - 520 (4806)

Minimum required: 0

Maximum allowed: 8 (Initial order maximum: 8 )

OS level required: i5/OS V5R3, or later

Initial Order/MES/Both/Supported: Both

CSU: Yes

Return parts MES: No

(#4810) - PCI Integ xSeries Server

(Only available as REFURBISHED as of June 1, 2006)

The #4810 PCI Integrated xSeries Server contains a 2GHz processor and four memory slots. Each server memory slot can contain one of the following features, providing a total main storage capacity from 1,024 MB to 4,096 MB.

512MB Server Memory (#0446)

1GB Server Memory (#0447)

At least two server memory cards are required with each server feature. Server memory cards must be installed in identical capacity pairs. On model upgrades or MES orders, a server feature may be ordered without memory features if usable supported memory features already exist on the installed system.

The #4810 contains one integrated 100/10Mbps Ethernet LAN controller and can support the following LAN IOAs:

PCI 100/16/4Mbps Token-Ring IOA (#2744)

PCI 1Gbps Ethernet IOA (#5700)

PCI 1Gbps Ethernet UTP IOA (#5701)

When a LAN feature is used in conjunction with the #4810, the following ordering rules apply:

For each #2744 that is driven, one #0223, 100/16/4Mbps Token-Ring Specify, is required.

For each #5700/#5701 that is driven, one #0226 (1Gbps Ethernet Specify)is required.

Up to three IOA LAN features can be supported by the #4810, depending on the system unit/tower position into which the #4810 is placed.

Native AS/400 functions are NOT supported.

The #4810 does not support external host LAN.

The #4810 does not require a #2843, #2844, #9943 or #9844 IOP, but placement is limited to specific slots within the various system expansion towers. Two PCI card slots are required.

The #4810 comes with a standard keyboard/mouse splitter cable and can support either standard or USB 1.1 keyboard and/or mouse.

Windows 2000 Server and Windows 2003 Server operating systems are supported.

IPCS Extension Cable for Windows (#0325) is defaulted on the order for each #4810(but may be removed).

A minimum of 1GB Server memory is required.

IPCS Keyboard/Mouse for Windows (#1700) is defaulted on the order for each #4810(in countries offering it, but may be removed).

A display must be connected to the #4810 to support Windows.

The #4810 is normally a CSU feature, but if installed in a #5074, #5079, #5094, #5294 or #9194, IBM service personnel should do the installation.

Attributes provided: Integrated xSeries Server support

Attributes required: Two PCI slots (only designated locations in an expansion tower/unit can be used).

For 9406 - 520 (4810)

Minimum required: 0

Maximum allowed: 18 (Initial order maximum: 18 )

OS level required: i5/OS V5R2, or later

Initial Order/MES/Both/Supported: Both

CSU: Yes

Return parts MES: No

Supported on the following systems: 520, 550, 570, 595

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