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Lenovo ThinkSystem SR250 HC3 Appliance  .. Product #: SR250-HC3

ThinkSystem SR250 HC3 Appliance

Brand: Lenovo
Model Number: SR250-HC3

Edge Computing &

Distributed Enterprise

HC3 customers who manage remote

sites see the value in HC3 for both ease

of use and low entry cost. The rapid

deployment, self-healing, and remote

web-based management capabilities

mean that their remote sites can be

managed more efficiently and with

less cost.

Lowering Infrastructure TCO

HC3 was designed to reduce IT

infrastructure costs in almost every way.

Many of the hidden IT infrastructure costs

such as unplanned downtime, management,

maintenance, training, and consulting are

virtually eliminated with HC3. Other

solutions that integrate multiple vendor

solutions only add complexity which

increases costs. We believe HC3 is a

better way, and our customers agree.

Backup & High Availability

The built-in backup and high availability

features in HC3 provide more options to

implement local, offsite, and cloud-based

DR or to combine with third-party backup

solutions. HC3 customers have peace

of mind that their VMs and data are


Virtual Desktops (VDI)

The low cost, ease-of-use, and scalability

of HC3 make it perfect for VDI

infrastructure. Scale Computing has

validated our solution with VDI vendors

to allow our customers to implement

VDI from the SMB to the enterprise.