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Lenovo Lenovo ThinkSystem DM5000F Lenovo ThinkSystem DM5000F is a unified, all flash storage system that is designed to provide perfor.. Product #: DM5000F

Lenovo ThinkSystem DM5000F

Brand: Lenovo
Model Number: DM5000F


Lenovo ThinkSystem DM5000F is a unified, all flash storage system that is designed to provide performance, simplicity, capacity, security, and high availability for medium enterprises. Powered by the ONTAP software, ThinkSystem DM5000F delivers enterprise-class storage management capabilities with a wide choice of host connectivity options and enhanced data management features. The ThinkSystem DM5000F is a perfect fit for a wide range of enterprise workloads, including big data and analytics, artificial intelligence, engineering and design, enterprise applications, and other storage I/O-intensive applications.

ThinkSystem DM5000F models are 2U rack-mount controller enclosures that include two controllers, 64 GB RAM and 8 GB battery-backed NVRAM (32 GB RAM and 4 GB NVRAM per controller), and 24 SFF hot-swap drive bays (2U24 form factor). Controllers provide universal 1/10 GbE NAS/iSCSI or 8/16 Gb Fibre Channel (FC) ports, or 1/10 GbE RJ-45 ports for host connectivity.

A single ThinkSystem DM5000F Storage Array scales up to 144 solid-state drives (SSDs) with the attachment of Lenovo ThinkSystem DM240S 2U24 SFF Expansion Enclosures.


Key features

The ThinkSystem DM5000F offers the following key features and benefits:

  • All-flash array capabilities to meet the demand for higher speed storage and provide higher IOPs and bandwidth with lower power usage and total cost of ownership than hybrid or HDD-based solutions.
  • Unified, all flash storage with dual active/active controller configurations for high availability and performance.
  • Improved performance and data protection with RAID-DP and RAID-TEC, as well as support for traditional RAID 4.
  • Flexible host connectivity to match diverse client needs with support for unified NAS and SAN storage protocols, including 1/10 GbE NAS and iSCSI, and 8/16 Gb Fibre Channel connectivity.
  • 12 Gb SAS drive-side connectivity with multipathing with up to 24x 2.5-inch small form factor (SFF) drives in the 2U24 SFF enclosures.
  • Scalability to up to 144 SFF drives with the attachment of the ThinkSystem DM240S 2U24 SFF expansion enclosures to satisfy growing needs for storage capacity and performance.
  • A rich set of standard storage management functions available at no extra cost, including snapshots, volume copy, quality of service, thin provisioning, compression, deduplication, encryption, disk-based backup, application- and virtual machine-aware backup, quick data recovery, clustering, synchronous replication, and asynchronous replication.
  • Optional licensed functions, including WORM (write once, read many) data protection (SnapLock) and object storage tiering (FabricPool).
  • Scale-out clustering of up to 12 ThinkSystem DM Series storage systems for NAS connectivity or up to six DM Series storage systems for SAN connectivity.
  • Intuitive, web-based GUI for easy system setup and management.
  • Lenovo XClarity support for centralized systems management of Lenovo x86 servers, switches, and storage, which provides automated agent-less discovery, inventory, monitoring, and additional platform-specific functions across multiple systems.
  • Designed for 99.9999% availability with redundant hot-swap components, including controllers and I/O modules, power supplies, and non-disruptive firmware upgrades.
  • Certified Enterprise Storage for SAP HANA Tailored Data center Integration (TDI).
  • Certified storage for Oracle VM.
  • Certified storage for Citrix XenServer: http://hcl.xenserver.org/storage/910/Lenovo_DM_Series.

The ThinkSystem DM5000F supports the 2.5-inch 960 GB, 3.84 TB, 7.68 TB, and 15.36 TB capacity-optimized SAS SSDs. All drives are dual-port and hot-swappable.

The ThinkSystem DM5000F supports attachment of up to five ThinkSystem DM240S 2U24 SFF expansion enclosures. More drives and expansion enclosures are designed to be dynamically added with virtually no downtime, which helps to quickly and seamlessly respond to ever-growing capacity demands.

The ThinkSystem DM5000F offers high levels of system and data availability with the following technologies:

  • Dual-active controllers (high availability pair) with automatic load balancing and failover
  • Mirrored, battery-backed controller NVRAM 
  • Dual-port SAS SSDs with automatic drive failure detection and rebuild
  • Redundant, hot-swappable and customer replaceable hardware components, including SFP+ transceivers, controllers, I/O modules, power supplies, and drives
  • Automated failover for the data path between the host and the drives with multipathing
  • Non-disruptive controller and drive firmware upgrades
  • Scale-out clustering