AS400 IBM 9406 IOP Controller, #4813 - PCI Integ xSeries Server

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- Product Code: 4813-9406
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AS400 IBM 9406 IOP Controller, #4813 - PCI Integ xSeries Server

(#4813) - PCI Integ xSeries Server

#4813 is a double-wide PCI card that contains a 2.0GHz processor with 2MB integrated L2 cache. It has two integrated 1000/100/10Mbps Ethernet ports, two USB 1.1 ports and traditional PC keyboard and mouse ports. A keyboard and mouse can connect to either the traditional ports or the USB ports. There is an SVGA video port for connection of a display.

The #4813 is a #4812 encased in a double wide blind swap cassette.

#4813 has two memory slots. These slots must always contain a pair of identical memory features. Available memory features are:

#9726 - Base 512MB Server Memory (Initial order only)

#8546 - Opt Base 1GB Server Memory (Initial order only)

#0446 - 512MB DDR Server Memory (MES only)

#0447 - 1GB DDR Server Memory (MES only)

The #4813 requires an IOP (#9744, #2844 or #9844) to drive it. The IOP may be shared, but only one #4813 is permitted per IOP.

When #4813 is ordered, the configurator will add two #9726 Base 512MB Server Memory features to the order. The two #9726 features may be replaced with two #8546 Optional Base 1GB Server Memory features or the two server memory features may be removed from the order and two #0446 or two #0447 may be installed in the field. The configurator will also add to the order a #9744 Base PCI IOP to drive the #4813. The #9744 may be removed from the order for PCI slot conservation.

The two integrated 1000/100/10Mbps Ethernet LAN ports included on the #4813 provide attachment to IEEE standard 802.3ab high-speed (1Gbps) Ethernet LANs. They can also be used to connect to existing 10 and 100Mbps Ethernet networks. The adapter supports UTP CAT 5 or higher media interface and TCP/IP. The #4813 does not support any other LAN features and does not support native i5/OS functions.

The following features are defaulted (where offered) and may be removed from the order:

#0325 IPCS Extension Cable for Windows (for display, mouse and and keyboard)

#1700 IPCS Keyboard and Mouse for Windows

Supported Windows versions:

Windows 2000 Server

Windows 2000 Advanced Server

Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition

Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition

Windows Server 2003 Web Edition

For versions of Windows 2000, a display is required and must be connected to the #4813. For versions of Windows 2003, a display is not required but may be connected to the #4813 to support Windows. If no display is connected, the Virtual System Console is used.

For Linux server products supported on #4813, visit:

Attributes provided: Windows server functions

Attributes required: IOP and two 3.3V PCI card slots

For 9406 - 520 (4813)

Minimum required: 0

Maximum allowed: 18 (Initial order maximum: 18 )

OS level required: i5/OS V5R3, or later

Initial Order/MES/Both/Supported: Both

CSU: Yes

Return parts MES: No

Note: #4813 may only be installed in a #5790 PCI Expansion Drawer.

Supported on the following systems: 520, 550, 570, 595

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