AS400 IBM 9406 IOP Controller, #4805 PCI Crypto Accelerator 8xx/

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AS400 IBM 9406 IOP Controller, #4805 PCI Crypto Accelerator 8xx/

(#4805) PCI Cryptographic Accelerator

(Only available as REFURBISHED as of June 1, 2006)

Feature #4805 provides improved performance for high transaction rate secure web applications which use the secure sockets layer (SSL) or transport layer security (TLS) protocols. Establishing SSL/TLS secure web connections requires very compute intensive cryptographic processing. The Cryptographic Accelerator can be used to off-load cryptographic processing. SSL/TLS secure web connections are typically used to protect information (e.g., credit card number) as it is transferred over the Internet -- for example between a web browser and a server.

The Cryptographic Accelerator is targeted to high transaction rate secure web applications using SSL/TLS. If your application requires a FIPS 140-1 certified, tamper-resistant module for storing cryptographic keys and/or requires financial PIN processing, then the IBM 4758-023 Cryptographic Coprocessor PCI card should be your choice.

Note: FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standard) 140-1 is a U.S. Government NIST (National Institute of Standards & Technology) administered standard and certification program for cryptographic modules.

Supported on the following systems: 270, 520, 550, 570, 595, 800, 810, 820, 825, 830, 840, 870, 890, SB2, SB3

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