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Backup Encryption Encrypted Tape Media VTL Disk

Backup Encryption Encrypted Tape Media VTL Disk

Backup encryption hardware and software solutions we sell use AES algorithms to protect tape media and VTL Virtual Tape Libraries. Using a hardware backup encryption solution provides a faster backup than encryption software, and will not effect system resources. Hardware backup encryption solutions support any platform, whereas software encryption solutions are OS and database specific. If you also have requirements to encrypt data at rest on the system, such as database fields, you need a database encryption software solution, which will also keep data encrypted on tape media. If you cannot afford a larger backup window, you most likely need a hardware based backup encryption solution. If you want to speed up your backups as well as encrypt your tape media, you should use a VTL that is also capable of offloading your backups to media in an encrypted state. Almost any VTL should be able to shrink your backup window when switching from tape backup. Please contact us with encryption questions, to request a demo or trial of one of our encryption products, or request a quote.

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IBM i AES Encryption

IBM i AES encryption protects sensitive and private data at rest, no matter where it ends up or how it is accessed.

AS400 Encryption for DB2 Database

AS400 encryption, masking and scrambling software provides a point and click GUI interface to implement IBM's native FIELDPROC exit program in minutes to protect iSeries AS400 DB2 database fields, rows and columns.

iSeries Field Encryption Scrambling and Masking

Quick to implement encryption, masking and scrambling for IBM iSeries DB2 database fields utilizing OS400 built in FIELDPROC, enabled by an intuitive GUI interface for point and click implementation.