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Linux Servers: IBM Power9 9008-22L L922

IBM Power9 9008-22L L922 Servers for Linux
IBM 9008-22L Linux servers can have up to 2 Power9 Processor sockets with 8-24 Cores, 4TB maximum memory (2TB per processor socket) for 340 GB/s memory bandwidth, 14.4 TB internal storage and 672 drives for 1,209 TB of external storage, up to 480 partitions, include Gen4 NVLink 2.0 and 2nd gen OpenCapi to provide 5.6x more CPU-GPU bandwidth I/O throughput than x86 servers, provides 4x more threads per core than x86 servers, provides 512 K L2 cache and 10 MB L3 cache for a maximum of 7 TB/s on chip bandwidth and 410 GB/sec L4 cache. Power9 9008-22L L922 Linux server hardware provide better performance per core than x86 servers, require less cores to run applications and databases, reducing software license costs and all other operating costs. The IBM Power9 9008-22L L922 is one of the best Linux servers on the market for Ubuntu, IBM RedHat and SuSE.
9008-22L L922 Power9 processor options:
9008-22L ELPV 8-core 3.4-3.9 GHz POWER9 Processor
9008-22L ELPW 10-core 2.9-3.8 GHz POWER9 Processor
9008-22L ELPX 12-core 2.7-3.8 GHz POWER9 Processor
9008-22L ELPV 16-core 3.4-3.9 GHz POWER9 Processor (2 socket)
9008-22L ELPW 20-core 2.9-3.8 GHz POWER9 Processor (2 socket)
9008-22L ELPX 24-core 2.7-3.8 GHz POWER9 Processor (2 socket)