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IBM POWER9 Memory Specifications


IBM POWER9 servers have five high performance Mbps DDR4 ECC memory size options to choose from that can significantly affect system performance, especially logical partitions that uses shared memory resources. Planning for future POWER9 memory upgrades should be taken into account when deciding which memory feature size to purchase. IBM POWER9 systems with two processor sockets have 32 DDR4 memory DIMM slots, providing a maximum of 4TB of main storage, and single processor socket systems can have a maximum of 2TB of POWER9 memory using 16 DDR4 main storage slots. The IBM 9009-41A Model S914 has a 1TB main storage maximum.

IBM POWER9 Main Storage Specifications and Options:

8 GB DDR4 Memory - 324D EM60 78P4191
16 GB DDR4 Memory - 324E EM62 78P4197
32 GB DDR4 Memory - 324F EM63 78P4198
64 GB DDR4 Memory - 325A EM64 78P4199
128 GB DDR4 Memory - 324C EM65 78P4200

A minimum of 32 GB of memory is required on the Power S922 and S924 systems.
A minimum of 16 GB of memory is required on the Power S914 System.
POWER9 memory upgrades must be installed in pairs. 
Different memory sizes and configurations will run at different frequencies of 2133, 2400 and 2666 Mbps.