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IBM IBM ESGE-8286 - 387GB SFF-3 4K SSD (#ESGE) - 387GB Enterprise SAS 4k SFF-3 SSD for IBM i This SFF (2.5") Enterprise SAS Solid State Dr.. Product #: ESGE-8286 based on 0 reviews

IBM ESGE-8286 - 387GB SFF-3 4K SSD

Brand: IBM
Model Number: ESGE-8286

(#ESGE) - 387GB Enterprise SAS 4k SFF-3 SSD for IBM i

This SFF (2.5") Enterprise SAS Solid State Drive (SSD) is shipped from IBM with 387 GB capacity formatted with 4k (4224) byte sectors. The drive is supported in SFF-3 SAS bays. This drive is rated at 10 DWPD (Drive Writes Per Day) calculated over a 5-year period.

Features #ESGD and #ESGE are physically identical drives with the same CCIN of 5B13. Different feature codes to help the IBM configuration tools understand how the SSD is used. ESGD indicates usage by AIX, Linux or VIOS. ESGE indicates usage by IBM i.


  • Due to physical differences in the carrier/tray on which the drive is mounted, the SSD only fits in POWER8 system unit SAS bays (SFF-3). It does not fit in EXP24S or EXP24SX drawers (SFF-2) or in #5802/#5803 I/O drawers (SFF-1) or in POWER7 system units (SFF-1) SAS bays. Also the drive was not tested with 4096 byte sectors and thus JBOD mode for AIX/Linux is not supported. 4k drives cannot be reformatted to 5xx drives (or vice versa).

Note: As part of a larger industry transition, IBM Power Systems is in the process of gradually shifting away from offering 5xx (512/ 528) byte sector SAS drives (HDD or SSD) to 4K byte sector drives. Most AIX/Linux applications access SAS drives through a file system and experience no effect of this sector size transition. In much less common cases, an AIX/Linux application may access the disk drive directly through the raw device interface and may still require only 5xx byte sectors drives. If there are 4k usage concerns, check with the application provider to ensure compatibility with 4K byte sector drives.

  • Attributes provided: one 387 GB SFF-3 4k SSD
  • Attributes required: one SFF-3 SAS bay, PCIe3 SAS controller
  • For 9009-42A: (#ESGE)
    • Minimum required: 0
    • Maximum allowed: 18 (Initial order maximum: 18)
    • OS level required:
      • IBM i supported
    • Initial Order/MES/Both/Supported: Both
    • CSU: Yes
    • Return parts MES: No

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