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AS400 Software IBM i AS400 Security and Compliance The AS400 security and compliance suite provides needed to detect and prevent unauthorized access to.. Product #: AS400-Security-Compliance based on 0 reviews

AS400 Security Compliance Auditing iSeries Access Controls

Brand: AS400 Software
Model Number: AS400-Security-Compliance

IBM i AS400 security and compliance suite provides security access controls and auditing to detect and prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data regulatory compliance requirements for auditing, access controls, data protection, accountability and privacy. The IBM i AS400 security and compliance suite is a group of integrated tools that can be used and purchased independently to address compliance or internal security and audit policies.

Auditing and Compliance
The IBM i AS400 QJRN module detects fraudulent activity occurring on the AS400 by monitoring DB2 database activities of journaled files, providing intuitive reports. QJRN uses a powerful query engine that can filter out any type of journal entry, including QAUDJRN, QACGJRN, QZMF, user entries and others. The QJRN module can also produce reports on OS400 system objects (system values, user profiles, authorization lists, etc.), access attempts, powerful user activity, command line activity, access to sensitive data, and on any other event recorded in QAUDJRN journal receivers. Reports and alerts can be created using customizable queries that can meet any auditor's demands.

Access Controls
The IBM i AS400 Controller module uses data centric exit point security that controls any users permission's to network protocols, specific commands, SQL statements, CQE usage, jobs, file opens and other authorities. 

Elevated Authority Management
Powerful IBM i AS400 profiles on your system can be controlled with EAM by temporarily providing elevated authority of another user profile. Elevating authority can be given for a specific command, day, time, IP address or other criteria. All elevated authority activity provides a complete audit trail that includes job logs, screen captures, exit points used, system and database journals event details.

Data Consolidation and Distribution
The Central module can consolidate or distribute data to other systems, including multiple systems and remotely. It can collect all or only filtered sections of database files that reside on multiple remote AS400 systems, into a single file on a central AS400. This module's AS400 to AS400 communication is bi-directional, so database files can be retrieved. It also supports running commands simultaneously on remote sites from a central site. In addition, Central can be used to connect and transmit files and commands to other database/platforms types.

Job Log Analysis
Job Log Explorer is provided for free to customers that purchase the entire security suite. It analyzing AS400 job logs using a powerful filtering wizard to help you quickly find that needle in the hay stack and resolve critical problems.

Summary of Benefits
Minimizes time and expense needed for security and compliance projectsGives you tools needed to fix vulnerabilities and unrestricted access to the system and sensitive dataKeeps powerful users profiles in your control and under your microscopeSimplifies and speeds system and database auditsEfficiently identifies security incidents Makes analyzing complex AS400 journals and job logs easy Enables flexibly reportingIntegrates AS400 security event logs with SIEM and SYSLGO tools Satisfy the requirements of security auditors Implement best practices in security and compliance management


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