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IBM 8286-41A S814 AIX Power8 Servers

IBM 8286-41A S814 AIX Power8 Servers

IBM S814 8286-41A Power8 AIX servers are ideal for midsized companies consolidating UNIX, Linux and iSeries workloads at a very low price, and include 4, 6 or 8-Core configurations. The 8286-41A S814 models have a single processor socket, support up to 512 GB of 1600 Mbps internal Memory and 417 TB of storage. The IBM Power8 S814 8286-41A AIX systems have a multithreaded processor designed for database and  transaction intensive environments. Each Power8 S812 8286 core is capable of handling 8 hardware threads simultaneously, delivering 60% faster CPU speeds for single threaded applications and over 2x faster response times for multithreaded tasks. The 8286-41A1 can have up to 160 UNIX, Linux or iSeries partitions combined. Please use our "Request Price" feature to send us your 8286-41A Power8 S814 System requirements. Complete 8286-41A AIX system specifications with maximum capacities are detailed on each S814 model's page. Go here for 8286-41A iSeries models.

IBM Power8 S814 8286-41A AIX Models include:

8286-41A2 Power8 8-Core EPX6-EPY6-EPZ6 3.72 GHz Processor (143.9 rPerf)
8286-41A1 Power8 6-Core EPX0-EPY0-EPZ6 3.02 GHz Processor (97.5 rPerf)
8286-41A3 Power8 4-Core EPXK-EPYK-EPZK 3.02 GHz Processor (66.9 rPerf)

S814 8286-41A Data Sheet       IBM Power8 Systems Peformance Benchmarks

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