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SSD SAN SSD SAN Storage Array - 1,000,000 IOPS SSD iSAN 6140 40 to 80TB SSD SAN Storage Array comparisons for EqualLogic Dell Storage, NetApp Storage, IBM SAN, EM.. Product #: SAN-Storage-6140

SSD SAN Storage Array - 1,000,000 IOPS SSD iSAN 6140 40 to 80TB

Brand: SSD SAN
Model Number: SAN-Storage-6140

SSD SAN Storage Array comparisons for EqualLogic Dell Storage, NetApp Storage, IBM SAN, EMC SSD and the iSAN pure SSD SAN Storage Arrays. The iSAN SSD Storage Array beat competitors on performance (1,000,000 IOPS), transfer rates (4 GB/s), included features and options, and has a lower price. Review the SSD SAN Comparison Chart of leading SSD SAN Storage vendors IOPS performance and transfer rates. Most SSD SANs use a combination of HDD and SSD Drives, some even use Flash. The iSAN SSD Storage Arrays are Pure SSD SANs, and all data is accessed at SSD speed. The iSAN pure SSD Storage devices provide consistent performance and you won't need to prioritize your data into policy based tiers. iSAN SSD Storage Arrays use high-speed memory instead of Flash that gets depleted after write cycles, and is 30X faster than Flash. iSAN SSD Storage Arrays use massive dedicated Cache (96GB) that increases the read speed (faster than the SSD's rating) and increases write speed by 30X. Cybernetics iSAN SSD SAN 6140 provides 40TB of pure SSD Storage and expandable to 80TB (or HA Pair). There isn't a comparable SSD SAN Storage Array competitor in its class that can deliver similar performance with 1,000,000 IOPS and 4 GB/s transfer rates in a 1U chassis.

The iSAN 6140 provides Enterprise class SAN Storage features like unlimited SnapShots with multiple trigger criteria, automated/deduplicated/encrypted/multi-site Replication, Dynamic Expansion, Unlimited LUNs, support for chassis redundancy with instant failover, multiple redundant and hot-swappable components, Tape and removable Disk backup, SNMP Alerts and other many other features. iSAN Storage devices use a very granular block size, providing maximum usable storage. iSANs' native replication technology uses snapshots to reduce the bandwidth necessary to keep sites synchronized and sites in-synch. USB, eSATA and SAS ports are included which allow removable disk and tape backups with encryption. iSAN includes easy-to-use SAN Management Software making installation and daily administration extremely simple and provides real time monitoring of hardware, performance metrics for cache, processors, LUNs, IOPS and more. Cybernetics' Call Home feature ensures a speedy and proactive response. The iSAN High Availability feature enables mirroring to another iSAN, ensuring no single point of failure at the controller, chassis or drive pool layer. 

Review SSD SAN Storage performance, architecture, options and prices yourself. iSAN's advanced, self-tuning, optimized caching algorithm; enabling writes to SSD 30X faster and faster sustained throughput for the entire SSD array. The iSAN pure SSD Storage Arrays are not only the best bang for the buck, they will truly surpass your expectations and competing SSD SANS devices.

Review the complete iSAN iSCSI Storage Area Network family include: 1000 (Brochure)3000 (Brochure)4000 (Brochure), 5000 (Brochure), 6000 (Brochure) & 7000 (Brochure). If you need maximum performance, review the iSAN SSD SAN Storage Arrays with up to 1,000,000 IOPS and 4 GB/s Transfer Rates:  6140 (Brochure), 6520 (Brochure)4520 (Brochure) & 2520 (Brochure)

iSAN SSD Storage Array Specifications and Features

  iSAN 6140 iSAN 6520 iSAN 4520 iSAN 2520
Capacity 40 TB 20TB 20TB 20TB
Scalable/Expansion 80 TB 60TB 60TB 60TB
Transfer Rate 4 GB/s 3 GB/s GB/s GB/s
Performance Up to 1,000,000 IOPS
Dedicated Cache 96GB
Disk Bays 40 20 20 20
Disk Drives 1TB Solid State Drives (SSD)
GbE iSCSI (included) 4 2 2 2
10 GbE (included) 4 2 2 2
eSATA (included) 2
USB (included) 2
miniSAS (included) Two 6 GB/s off-load ports
Fibre Channel Up to Two 8 GB/s or Two 16 GB/s Fibre Channel Ports (optional)
RAID Levels 0, 1, 5, 6, 10
System Type 1U Rackmount
SAN Management Software

SnapShots (unlimited) w/ Deduplication
Unlimited LUNs w/ Dynamic expansion
Multi-Site WAN Replication
Chassis Failover w/ 
Dual chassis High Availability
Redundant and Hot-Swappable components

System Alerts
Removeable Disk Backup
Tape Backup