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iSCSI SAN SAN Storage - 500,000 IOPS 64 to 448TB iSCSI iSAN 5000 Compare iSCSI SAN Storage competitors NetApp FAS, EMC VNXe, Dell EqualLogic, Dell Com.. Product #: SAN-Storage-5000

SAN Storage - 500,000 IOPS 64 to 448TB iSCSI iSAN 5000

Brand: iSCSI SAN
Model Number: SAN-Storage-5000

Compare iSCSI SAN Storage competitors NetApp FAS, EMC VNXe, Dell EqualLogic, Dell Compellent & HP MSA SANs to iSAN 5000 Series. The iSAN SAN Storage 5000 series beats competitors on performance, scalability, upgradeability, desired features and price. View the iSCSI SAN Comparison Chart of Storage Area Network competitor's IOPS performance and transfer rates. Cybernetics SAN Storage 5000 Series has a chassis max capacity of 64TB (448TB w/ expansion), ideal for any fast growing storage environment. Comparable entry iSCSI SAN Storage competitors in its class can't compete on performance (500,000 IOPS) and 1.2 GB/s transfer rates due to the iSAN's massive dedicated Cache (up to 96GB) for I/O operations and architecture. The iSAN 5000 provides Enterprise SAN Storage Management Software and features like SnapShots, Deduplication, Dynamic Expansion, Unlimited LUNs, Site-to-Site WAN Replication, Dual-Controller Failover, Tape and removable Disk backup, SNMP Alerts and other features included.

All iSAN SAN Storage devices offer 100% Solid State Drive SSD SANs, as well as Hybrid mixed Drive SAN Storage devices. iSAN devices allow mix and match of disk drive types (SATA, SAS and SSD). An iSAN with mixed drives can even outperform a competitor's all SSD SAN. Review the SAN Storage price, performance, architecture, options, flexibility, scalability and prices yourself. The iSAN models are not only the best bang for the buck, they will truly surpass your expectations. The iSAN series offers affordable configurations without negating performance or needed features, at an affordable price.

Review the complete iSAN iSCSI Storage Area Network family include: 1000 (Brochure)3000 (Brochure)4000 (Brochure), 5000 (Brochure), 6000 (Brochure) & 7000 (Brochure). If you need maximum performance, review the iSAN SSD SAN Storage Arrays with up to 1,000,000 IOPS and 4 GB/s Transfer Rates:  6140 (Brochure), 6520 (Brochure)4520 (Brochure) & 2520 (Brochure)

Cybernetics iSAN 5000 Series iSCSI SAN Specifications and Features

  iSAN 5224 iSAN 5216 iSAN 5124 iSAN 5116
Capacity     64 TB Base Chassis Max
Scalable     448 TB with 6 Expansion Units
Transfer Rate     1.2 GB/s
Performance     500,000 IOPS
Dedicated Cache 48GB,
96GB Upgradeable
96GB Upgradeable
48GB or 96GB
48GB or 96GB
Disk Bays 24 16 24 16
Disk Options     1TB, 2TB, 3TB & 4TB SAS 7,200 RPM
    300GB, 450GB, 600GB & 900GB SAS 10,000 RPM
    300GB, 450GB & 600GB SAS 15,000 RPM
    256GB & 512GB SATA Solid State Drives (SSD)
    400GB & 800GB SAS Solid State Drives (SSD) "High Write Performance"
Dual Controller Yes Yes Yes Yes
GbE     9 SAS Ports (included)
miniSAS     Four 6Gb/s miniSAS ports (included)
eSATA     2 eSATA Ports (included)
USB     2 USB Ports (included)
10 GbE     Up to Two 10 GbE Ports per Controller (optional)
Fibre Channel     Up to Two 8Gb/s or 16Gb/s Fibre Channel Ports per Controller (optional)
RAID Levels     0, 1, 5, 6, 10
System Type 4U Rackmount 3U Rackmount 2U Rackmount 2U Rackmount
SAN Management Software

    SnapShots (unlimited) w/ Deduplication
    Dynamic Expansion
    Unlimited LUNs w/ Dynamic expansion
    Site-to-Site WAN Replication
    Dual-Controller Failover
    SNMP Alerts
    Removeable Disk Backup
    Tape Backup