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IBM QRadar SIEM Security Appliance 3148 QRadar SIEM 3148 is a Security Appliance that supports up to 30,000 EPS and 1,200,000 FPM in the bas.. Product #: qradar-siem-3148

QRadar SIEM Security Appliance with AI Cybersecurity Automation 3148

Brand: IBM
Model Number: qradar-siem-3148

QRadar SIEM Security 3148 appliance uses cybersecurity AI and machine learning technology to isolate threats and critical events from millions of event logs and network flows, and can be used for threat hunting, scans, alerts and reports, making pin pointing real attacks and vulnerabilities quick and simple. QRadar supports all your existing security tools, devices, applications and databases, so you will not have to replace existing technology. The 3148 QRadar SIEM Security appliance can be deployed as an All-In-One security information event management appliance, or as a dedicated event log processor, network traffic flow processor, console, risk manager, vulnerability manager, log manager or an event log plus flow processor combination. Each SIEM Security QRadar appliance can be changed into any SOC role at any point in time, and additional SIEM Security QRadar appliances can be added for expansion. QRadar SIEM Security tools are available for purchase as an Appliance, Software, VMware, SIEM in the Cloud and SIEM MSSP offering. QRadar is priced based on the Events Per Second and Network Flows Per Minutes.

Cybersecurity AI from real-time threat intelligence feeds is what sets QRadar SIEM Security products apart from other security information event management tools, making identifying threats and vulnerabilities almost effortless, and saves your team many hours or days researching, investigating and identifying threats. Compared to other SIEM security tools, QRadar provides the features you need out of the box so you spend less time implementing and less money on additional add-ons to accomplish your objectives. QRadar security has significantly more log correlation integrations with technology you have in your environment than other SIEM tool. SIEM security product reviews show QRadar is the most mature solution on the market, providing the fastest implementation times and capable of parsing thousands of vendor’s logs with pre-defined searches, alerts and reports. Even more beneficial is QRadar’s advanced security intelligence features that automate the pinpointing of security threats, attacks, risks and vulnerabilities using cybersecurity AI feeds from external sources. If your company uses another SIEM, your security analysts will need to dig up their own security intelligence and rely on their own expertise for identifying threats and vulnerabilities.

Put simply, QRadar SIEM Security efficiently filters out the clutter to pin point true threats and vulnerabilities using cybersecurity AI and behavior analytics machine learning to detect both internal and cybersecurity threats using real-time security AI. No other SIEM on the market has these capabilities, nor are they as quick to deploy and simple to operate.

Features included all QRadar deployments:

  • Web Console (unlimited users)
  • Event Log and Network Flow Collector (sources can be on premise or in the cloud)
  • Event Log Processor 
  • Vulnerability Scanner (up to 256 included)
  • Risk Manager
  • Network Flow Processor (Level 1 to 5 PCAP)
  • Cybersecurity AI Threat Intelligence Integration
  • User Behavior Analytics
  • Access to 100’s of Security Apps for use with QRadar at no extra charge
  • Predefined Rules, Alerts, Responses, Reports, Dashboards for over 450 vendor specific products like: Cisco

QRadar SIEM Security 3148 (4412-Q3B) appliance is a Lenovo System x3650 M5 8871 and can be used in a SOC deployment for any of the below purposes:

  • QRadar SIEM Security Event Processor (with de-duplication) 1648 - 80,000 EPS
  • QRadar SIEM Security Flow Processor (with de-duplication) 1748 - 3,600,000 FPM
  • QRadar SIEM Security 1848 Event and Flow Combo Processor - 30,000 EPS & 1,200,000 FPM
  • QRadar SIEM Security 3148 (All-in-One) - 30,000 EPS, 1,200,000 FPM
  • QRadar SIEM Security Log Manager 3148 Console
  • QRadar SIEM Security Risk Manager
  • QRadar SIEM Security Vulnerability Manager

Supported Format of Log Sources: SYSLOG, OpSec/LEA, Universal CEF, Universal LEEF, NetFlow, IPFIX, sFlow, J-Flow, Packeteer, Flowlog, NICs, Napatech and Endace.

Dashboards Included: Applications, Compliance, Network, Systems, Threat and Security, Vulnerability, Cloud Infrastructure
Above dashboards are customizable and have ability to add 255 additional dashboards per user.

Interfaces: Two 8Gbps Fiber Channel HBA ports, Four 10/100/1000 Base T Ethernet interfaces, One 10/100/1000 Base-T integrated management module interface, Two 10 Gbps SFP + Ethernet ports

Memory: 128 GB, 2133 MHz DDR4 RDIMM

Storage:  6x 3.8 TB SSD

Power supply: Dual redundant 900W AC power supply

Dimensions:  31.5 inches deep x 17.5 inches wide x 3.4 inches high

Optional Features:

  • HA
  • DR
  • Watson AI Advisor (30 day trial)
  • BigFix provides real-time status of patches and fixes that need to be deployed for vulnerabilities on every endpoint (including software and databases), regardless of OS, and can apply patches and fixes automatically regardless of their geographic location.
  • AppScan identifies vulnerabilities in web and mobile applications, and recommends fixes.
  • QFlow Layer 7 Network Flow Collection
  • Network Insights includes Layer 7 network inspection, but also includes Files, Applications, Emails, Chats, HTTP, DNS and other deep level tracing of IPFIX packets.
  • Network Forensics for tracing the steps of the personnel or cyber criminals involved, by reconstructing the attack for triage and identifying the scope of the incident and everyone that was involved.

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