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AS400 Software iSeries Big Data Analytics iSeries Big Data integration software that streams iSeries System Audit Journal, Accounting Journal,.. Product #: iseries-analytics-as400

IBM iSeries Big Data Analytics ETL CDC ITOA Elastic

Brand: AS400 Software
Model Number: iseries-analytics-as400

iSeries SYSLOG & SIEM integration software that streams iSeries system and security logs in near real-time, including System Audit Journal, Accounting Journal, Collection Services, Performance Data, Jobs, Spool Files, and just about any other iSeries data source. The iSeries SYSLOG and SIEM integration tool extracts critical event logs and other system data from your iSeries, formats it and streams it to your SIEM or SYSLOG server, and is ideal for CDC, Big Data Analytics, ITOA, Elastic and other ETL initiatives..

Most iSeries SYSLOG and SIEM tools are only able to forward event logs from a few select sources. iSeries event logs and other structured or unstructured data sources on the AS400 can be streamed to almost any on premise or cloud SOC, CDC, ITOA, ETL or like analytics tools. Ironstream will forward iSeries event logs and other system data streams in near-real time or in control batch intervals to tool like Splunk, Solarwinds, Logrythm, Alert Logic, QRadar, McAfee, ElasticSearch, Hadoop, Hortonworks, MongoDB, Cloudera and other industry leading products. Ironstream enables comprehensive and powerful business intelligence reporting so that non-iSeries AS400 users can easily search, analyze, and visualize iSeries event logs and other critical data. Product has a unique capability giving uses the ability to modify data formats before forwarding to SIEM and SYSLOGs. iSeries data streams can also be also be filter for specific criteria and suppressing undesired noise.

The iSeries SIEM and SYSLOG capabilities of Ironstream enable companies to include mission critical application IBM data in their CDC, Big Data Analytics, Elastic, ITOA and other ETL initiatives. Syncsort’s Ironstream tool will help solve real-time and advanced ETL data gaps many large organizations have not been able to solve on their own. Big Data IT professionals in every industry have noted the challenges of integrating legacy mission critical IBM data into their modern data architecture, especially real-time and advanced data analytics as used in Hadoop, Spark and Splunk. The new iSeries SIEM and SYSLOG integration software will also help address new CDC requirements, keeping data in sync and accurate across any enterprise sources or targets. Its fast, accurate, efficient and works with both on-premise and the cloud.

Feature Summary

  • Simple to install and configure, and does not require changes to existing applications.
  • Allows suppression and filtering of logs and data (forward only what is important)
  • Intuitive User Interface with pre-built and customizable queries to select desired data
  • Supports IT operations monitoring, service delivery, security logs, journals, compliance, threat and breach detection, message logs, performance metrics, problem detection and isolation, workloads and other data sources
  • Provides near real-time event log and data transfer, with flexibility to forward data in configurable user-defined intervals
  • Supports multiple output formats and targets
  • Flexible user-defined formatting of logs and data

Companies with other Big Data Analytics and CDC requirements for IBM z Mainframe can use Syncsort z/OS and DB2 log data integration tools that provide high performance, advanced real-time event log integration for Splunk, SIEM, SYSLOG and other and Elastic platforms. Syncsort also supports real-time syncing for other disparate sources and targets including: IBM DB2/z, IBM Informix, Oracle, Oracle RAC, Sybase, Linux DB2 and MS SQL Server, VSAM, HDFS, Hive, Impala, Teradata, MySQL, Azure SQL, PostgreSQL and Kafka. Syncsort is a CDC industry leader in Big Iron to Big Data solutions, providing reliable AI and predictive analytic solutions for over 80% of the Fortune 100 companies.

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