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AS400 Software OS400 Firewall for iSeries Ports A native OS400 Firewall, providing granular controls and auditing of all inbound and outbound TCP/IP.. Product #: iseries-as400-network-flow

IBM iSeries Firewall for OS400

Brand: AS400 Software
Model Number: iseries-as400-network-flow

OS400 Firewall is the most granular lockdown security tool for IBM iSeries TCP/IP connectivity, providing controls for all inbound and outbound TCP/IP traffic to your system, by IP Address/Range and Ports. The most detailed IP Packet information is captured using IBM exit points and stored in a audit log which can be used for reporting and automating protactive alerts, Implementation of the Firewall for IBM OS400 is done via the simple point and click GUI interface. Access control policies can be defined by user and user groups. It also monitors and manages ports that are permitted to be in listening mode.

Common use case examples for IBM OS400 Firewall Rules:

Port 21 can be initiated only by users JOHNSMITH and ABELINCOLN and no other users

Ports 3054 thru 3056 can receive requests only from IP address or IP addresses in the range of -

Port 22 (SFTP) can be used to send files only to the 15-member group of users called ‘Admins’ and on this IP Address Range -