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IBM Workflow Orchestrator IBM Workflow Orchestrator provides complete digital ,for the collection, processing and distribution.. Product #: IBM Workflow Orchestrator

IBM Workflow Orchestrator

Model Number: IBM Workflow Orchestrator

IBM Workflow Orchestrator provides complete digital ,for the collection, processing and distribution of large volumes of file-based digital assets. Built on the Fast, Adaptive, Secure Protocol (FASP) transfer technology, this web-based application and SDK platform simplifies the design and build of workflows that result in highly scalable, predictable, streamlined file processing workflows that connect business units and external partners using the existing IT infrastructure. An extensive library of plug-ins is available to support many popular workflow applications.

IBM Workflow Orchestrator offers:

  • An intuitive visual workflow designer with a browser-based interface makes it easy to compose automated execution streams based on the organization’s existing digital workflows.
  • An intelligent and versatile decision engine augmented with a rich library of powerful plug-ins.
  • An Interactive tracking and reporting interface that enables precise control and monitoring over the whole Aspera high-performance file transfer environment.
  • FASP-enabled support for intensive, high-volume workflows to provide high-speed, predictable data delivery regardless of file size or format, transfer distance, or network conditions.   Intuitive visual workflow designer
  • Enables drag-and-drop visual elements to help define logical sequences, inputs, action types, outputs and dependencies.
  • Supports monitoring of active workflows.
  • Allows you to define reusable subworkflows. 
  • Supports the export or import of custom workflow templates to ensure repeatable, consistent operations. 
  • Intelligent and versatile decision engine
  • Binds inputs to actions-based results from earlier steps. 
  • Provides prompts for human input if needed as conditional inputs for the following execution steps.
  • Includes a comprehensive library of plug-ins such as transcoding, virus scanning, ad insertion, digital fingerprinting and other plug-in solutions from leading vendors.
  • Supports parallel execution of steps in the digital workflow.
  • Includes an SDK for future integrations. 
  • Interactive tracking and reporting interface
  • Enables full workflow oversight with an execution dashboard and notifications.
  • Supports more detailed views to monitor the status of each step and any errors.
  • Provides a file view for history of operations and status of each incoming file.
  • FASP-enabled support for intensive, high-volume workflows
  • Supports the most demanding file-based workflows for thousands of media and metadata files per hour.
  • Uses FASP transport technology for all file transfers and is fully integrated with all Aspera transfer mechanisms.
  • Provides virtually guaranteed data delivery with automatically resume upon interruption or fall back to HTTP for highly restrictive networks.
  • Full compatibility with third-party transfer mechanisms such as FTP.